Cause They’ll Hate You Just the Same

1 02 2017

Berkeley, California

This should officially end the Alt-Lite’s triangulation/virtue-signaling against the Alt-Right.




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3 02 2017
Nicholas Stix

Is something missing here–a link, say?

3 02 2017

Let me find one, for the benefit of my readers who are permanently stuck in Antarctica.

3 02 2017
Nicholas Stix

Well, god-damn me! But us simple folks who are permanently stuck in Antarctica can’t keep up with the ever-changing jargon, or the subtle hints about Occidental Dissent’s relation to Trump and his supporters. Thus, I had to hunt down some historical learnin,’ jes so I could explain it to Ma Kettle, by the fire.

Yours truly,

Pa Kettle

5 02 2017
Dr Duke

It should… but it wont.

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