Just Can’t Figure It Out

1 02 2017

Hénin-Beaumont, France


But opposition members and NGOs in Henin-Beaumont say the party’s manicured image masks a more disturbing reality.

They point to a “Migrant-free Town” vote organised by Briois last year — without the town having been asked to take in any of migrants pouring into Europe — as proof of a hardline agenda.

In spite of that, the town seems to be a pleasant place to live.




2 responses

1 02 2017
Alex the Goon

The fact that her father is a convicted Jew killer may prove troublesome to Le Pen’s chances.
Other than that, her path somewhat parallels Trump’s ascension. He also started out with an early lead in “the First Round”, and was expected (guaranteed) to lose later.

1 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

It sure seems unfair that people want to be left alone and live and work by themselves. Especially when crap from Third World Shitholes want to come and join them. The looting and rapine are just the culture they use to enrich you. This injustice needs to stop.
Bibi tear down that wall. End Apartheid in Israel! YES WE CAN!

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