Middle Age Crazy, Trying to Prove I Still Can

1 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

It’s finally starting to hit home when I put it in these terms:  “Next month, I turn 40.”

I actually looked forward to turning all my other previous milestone ages.

So, someone tell me why I’m freaking out and losing my mind over this particular one.

Ironically, not only do I think the decade I don’t want to face and the one I wish should hold off in arriving is going to be a very good one for me, but also at the same time, I have no desire to be 18 again.  Being 18 again means having to give up all of my accumulated wisdom from experience in the last 22 years.

Also, the way the midlife crisis is manifesting in me isn’t the red Corvette.  It’s the chronic worry that I’m going to leave this life at some point in the future not really having mattered to the world while in it.  My red Corvette is mattering, making something of a noticeable difference.  Hence, my startup.

You get both versions, the JLL version was cut the year I was born, while there’s a run on irony.

Oddly, almost everyone thinks that it’s Travis Tritt doing T. Graham Brown’s version.




4 responses

1 02 2017
Avenge Harambe

Look on the bright side, Blogmeister. You’re turning 40 at a time of great political and perhaps social change for the better. There is a greater sense of hope (oh, the irony!) and optimism for the future of the pro-White cause and nationalism throughout the West. Conversely, I turned 40 in January 2009, when all seemed dark. And the past decade was dark, indeed… a lost decade.

1 02 2017

It’s the chronic worry that I’m going to leave this life at some point in the future not really having mattered to the world while in it.

Stop worrying, you don’t and won’t matter. Quick, who was the Vice-President in, oh, 1893? What did he accomplish? He was no doubt one of the most famous and politically powerful men of his day, but if you can name him off the top of your head you’re probably only one in a few thousand, in a country of 300+ million, who can do so. Even your genes passed on to children will be diluted to near irrelevancy in a few generations. When the curtain comes down, ibidibidbidbidbidi . . .that’s all folks! Probably not one person in a hundred million makes any real, lasting difference in this world.

1 02 2017

I’m resigned to having a net effect on the world at a level less than, say, Martin Luther. But I’d like to be a little more than just a useless eater.

1 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Just try to be less useless the Martin Luther King, Jr, Dr, Rev, Ngr.

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