Dance of the Lemons

2 02 2017

Washington, D.C; Canberra

What most people miss in this Trump-Turnbull nontroversy (and now, Turnbull has come out and said that the end of the conversation wasn’t really that abrupt or hostile), is that they disputed over a deal that Turnbull swung with Obama not that long ago for the United States to take in Australian immigrants.

To the extent that most people actually get that far in the story, they think that we’re admitting more people like Greg Norman.  In reality, what is meant by “Australian immigrants” in this context, I suspect, are:  (1) Black Africans who traveled to Australia and tried to gain refugee status using some fake pretense that was either immediately or later discovered as fake, and/or (2) The boat people whom the Australian Navy divert to nearby islands.

Trump is obviously not too happy and wants to back out of the deal.

Nobody ever thinks to return these people from whence they came?

And what’s with this global game of hot potato of white countries constantly unloading non-white immigrants off on each other?




8 responses

2 02 2017

“And what’s with this global game of hot potato of white countries constantly unloading non-white immigrants off on each other?” – They don’t want to go back, it would be mean of us to send them. Therefore we have to destroy our own nations.

2 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

The enemy is a pack of cowards. Their preferred strategy is lets you and him fight. They hope to do as much damage as possible. Meanwhile they have dug holes to hide in. Luxury nests deep underground. They have no place to run to anymore. I know this game. They want genocide. I play this game better than they do. Let this be their Last Battlefield. I know who they are, and they have only a few holes to hide in. I don’t have to dig them out. They are LAZY. The holes are deep. I expect there’s an elevator they use to go down and up. 16 tons of concrete or cement and they won’t get up no more.

2 02 2017
Stan d Mute

I read a report linked by Drudge this morning that admitted your no. 2 above was correct. Australia blocked these (mostly African) “refugees” at sea and diverted them to one of the little islands populated by abos who are compatible with Africans. Africans whined that they wouldn’t get all whitey’s goodies amongst the island natives. Obama leapt forward and invited the Africans into America to share in loot stolen from whitey’s great-great-great-grandchildren.

2 02 2017

well gee whiz gollickers STL’rs, don’t we need 1000s more sub-saharans ? think of the tremendous contributions to society they’d make as well as the dozens of dollars of taxes they would pay

2 02 2017

We’re suffering for a lack of sub-Saharan Africans.

2 02 2017
Alex the Goon

They want to live in a White country, so it’s our Christian Duty(tm) to send them to the Whitest continent on the planet: Antarctica.
But seriously, we need to create a Refugee Island somewhere for these creatures. They don’t want to live in their homes, some of their homes won’t have them, and we don’t want them in ours. In due time (about a week to ten days), Mudhaven will be such a rape/robbery/murder-fest, that “refugees” will all-of-a-suddenly remember how life wasn’t really all that bad back at home.

2 02 2017
Stan d Mute

We’ve been down that road before. Liberia was created so emancipated slaves could return to Africa. It was given money, infrastructure, and security by the United States and the former slaves just had to manage it and the feral negroes found within its borders. It was of course (and still is) an unmitigated disaster and a great number of ex-slaves chose to return to America and risk the horrible white racism and possibility of being enslaved again rather than live in a nation governed by negroes.

The real failures of Liberia were (1) not *all* negroes were sent there and (2) they were granted the ability to return to America. Despite being old enough to remember America when it was 90% white and attending schools that were 99.9% white, I still can’t imagine what America might have been if 100% of the negroes had been shipped back to Africa and a subsequent zero exception ban on negro immigration implemented. Surely if there is a Heaven, that would be it…

2 02 2017
Alex the Goon

This isn’t just about America and Africans anymore. The entire Tird World is trying to invade the entire White World; and since we don’t have the stomach or gonads to sink their boats or fire belted ammo through chain-linked border fences, we need a place to -humanely- shelve this unwanted merchandise.
One recent candidate was Germany’s Christmas massacrist. He moved from Sand Africa to Italy, where he immediately burned down a school. After serving time, Italy “tried” to send him back to his home country, who refused to take him back for some reason. Having been checkmated by Africans, Italy had no recourse but to banish him to Europe. He did not belong in Europe; he belonged in Mudhaven.
“Go home, or go to Mudhaven” will be the message to Africans, Asians, and mexicans of all breeds and religions. They won’t like it, but they don’t have to.

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