Managerial Class

2 02 2017


I saw the story yesterday before flying home, and now it has made Drudge.

Here’s the weird part about it to me:

A 21-year old fast feeder manager?

In my day, people that managed fast feeders were at least in their forties.




6 responses

2 02 2017
Stan d Mute

You’ve gotta keep up with the times brother! Today those 40 year olds are nodding out on Oxy and waiting for their next disability check. This would be a fiscal disaster except the research shows this demographic will be dead by 50 (either suicide or OD) so they’re actually saving the Feds big bucks by avoiding the enormous healthcare costs for geriatric care.

What caught my attention was the manager’s appearance. The suicide kid was definitely bully-bait, being chubby and soft looking, but the manager was equally fat and very homely to the point where she would be sought only by negroes. So a fat homely coal burner bullied a fat white kid into suicide? Isn’t that an odd scenario?

2 02 2017

Fayette, Missouri has a severe dearth of dindus.

2 02 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

That sounds like a feature, not a bug.

5 02 2017
Hard Right

They have a higher percentage than Columbia does.

2 02 2017
Alex the Goon

For the sake of all that is fuck, THIS is what drove him to suicide. The only justifiable cause for suicide involving that beast, is if you found out you had drunksex with her. Even then, just get plastic surgery, a new identity and join the French Foreign Legion.

6 02 2017
Hard Right

I’m guessing that it had more to do with his “best friend” Lexi than with the cow.

FWIW, Bossy is married to a White guy.

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