More Vindication For Your Ever-Lovin’ Blogmeister (What Else Is New?)

2 02 2017

Downtown; Jefferson City

Remember why I said Josh Hawley for AG would be my only vote for a corporeal person other than Trump?  Because of who was incoming as St. Louis Circuit Attorney, we would need a decent AG because the AG’s office would have to prosecute the ordinary black street crime that the Soros-financed shill named Kim Gardner would refuse.

Almost pure vindication:

St. Louis prosecutor says conflict caused handoff of 3 death penalty cases to attorney general

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office has handed off at least three death penalty murder cases to the state attorney general to avoid a conflict because a public defender who had been assigned to them now works for Gardner.

On Wednesday, St. Louis Circuit Judge Michael Stelzer approved Gardner’s motion for a special prosecutor.

One of Gardner’s top assistants, Robert E. Steele, is a former public defender who recently withdrew as the defense counsel for Dominic Arrington, Eric Lawson and Antonio Muldrew.

A spokesman for the Attorney General Josh Hawley this week confirmed the office would take over Arrington, Lawson and Muldrew’s trials. Prosecutors here already had announced their intent to seek death in those cases, but it was not clear Thursday if Hawley’s office would pursue capital punishment.

Grapevine says that this handoff was in reality way less voluntary than the way this is written would have you believe.  IOW, Hawley was breathing down Gardner’s neck.

If the Democrat would have won AG back in November, she wouldn’t have cared about this conflict of interest at all.

These would be the first death penalty cases to come out of the St. Louis City circuit since 1994.




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