High Social Altruism

3 02 2017

South Korea




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3 02 2017

It probably doesn’t hurt that half or 3/4 of the males in that tunnel had served in the military.

3 02 2017

racial homogeny

3 02 2017

That wouldn’t happen anywhere in the United States – too “diverse” now with illegal immigrants with no loyalty to America. Social order for future generations is nonexistent. These days “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!” This is a sad reminder for me – nearly 30 years ago a volunteer fireman neighbor of mine (great guy with 2 infant girls) was responding to a terrible car accident on I-95. He was hit and killed by a Chinese illegal who thought that since all the cars pulling over to the shoulder it was OK for him to haul ass in the middle of the roadway. He killed my neighbor and then was caught about 30 miles north on I-95. The SOB went back to China, skipped bail and the Communists won’t honor the extradition order. Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 02 2017
Alex the Goon

They should’ve nabbed a different chinaman & hung him with the charges. How could he prove they got the wong guy?

4 02 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

That wouldn’t be white


3 02 2017
John Vawter

I can only conclude that this is a SK gov’t propaganda video telling drivers how they should behave. SK is almost as infamous as China for its reckless and definitely un-altruistic drivers. In rush hour traffic in Seoul, motorcyclists and even taxi drivers take to the sidewalks to avoid jams. You risk your life if you venture out as a pedestrian.

East Asian countries, even though they’re homogeneous, have very little public trust. That includes some aspects of Japanese culture too, though they’re the most like Whites. Chinese and Koreans treat each other terribly. You can’t trust anyone there, sometimes not even family. They don’t have guilt, but rather shame, so you only feel bad doing something evil if you get caught.

4 02 2017

Something to respect and emulate.

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