Not Even Antifas Can Be This Ridiculous

3 02 2017



Or can they?

Can anyone confirm the veracity?




5 responses

3 02 2017

I’ve seen people post screenshots like this from some of the leftist Tumblr wackjobs, I’d guess it is real.

4 02 2017

I remember seeing signs like these in the 1950’s about blacks instead of whites. back then they were considered racists. so much for mlk’s bullshit about equality.

4 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Lets all give to Planned Parenthood on the condition they only abort Non-White babies. Its what Margaret Sanger would have wanted. Someone should ask Trump to make Margaret Sanger’s Mission the Law for all Abortions in America. Lets see what the Left says about Abortions then…

5 02 2017
Hard Right

According to their Faceborg page, it’s bogus.

5 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Oh come on Question Diversity, you know the left doesn’t say straight out what they want. They use overly emotional appeals to fake fairness and try to bully anyone who doesn’t fall for it. Few White girls really want non-White babies. Leftie girls want smart kids. Those don’t come in brown.

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