Whole Lots of Nothing to Lose

3 02 2017


First the story.

Jimmy’s GFM.

This gives me an opportunity to bring something that’s been circulating through the back of my mind out off of my fingertips.

In many situations, when applying for a lease, by either the demand of the landlord or property manager upon issuing a lease offer, or sometimes hard-wired into law depending on jurisdiction, renters are required to have renters’ insurance.

I can seriously see at some point in the future that not only will this requirement be universal, that eventually, Section 8 vouchers will start covering premiums.  Furthermore, I can envision public pressure on companies that underwrite homeowners and renters policies that those policies cover the monetary damages as a result of the tort equivalent of violent crimes.

Because we just can’t continue to have the Ramontraes and Donates of the world running around with nothing to lose and no stake in life being able to murder whoever they want and leaving a whole household without its sole breadwinner, having to beg on GFM for money just to bury their father and then eke out an existence for a few months.




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3 02 2017

He’s promised three videos on this, and this is the first one, so expect two more that I’ll post as comments in this thread.

3 02 2017


3 02 2017

There’s been a lot of these black on white murders in the last couple of weeks. Some kind of black version of Trump Derangement Syndrome? Seems like a lot of murders for the middle of winter. There was one in Indy yesterday and this one close to my hometown. http://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/local-news/family-of-alex-phebus-reacts-to-his-death

5 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

They might get a quick and easy Race War with the Civil War reboot. These monkeys don’t have any brains. We can wipe them out just by not feeding them. If they were even half smart, and they’re not, they’d realize they were basically just monkeys in an open air zoo.

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