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6 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

With the way 84 Lumber, Anheuser-Busch and Audi poured on the social justice warriorism in their Super Bowl ads, I guess they’re doing it in alphabetical order.

Audi’s ad was a curious case, because taken literally, they were confessing to illegal pay discrimination.  When someone pressed them, they responded with a very familiar retort.




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6 02 2017

The public is getting a very good lesson in these last few weeks that Immigration is closely connected to the left and their planned takeover. I really don’t think this was widely known outside right wing circles. Now it should be quite clear these people are part of a deliberate leftist plan to outnumber middle America and steal political power from them to empower this hostile political class. Immigration just didn’t “sort of happen” now we have a lesson that this whole thing is VERY political and also very connected to the left.

6 02 2017
egregious philbin
a scroll through the Fox sports super bowl comment thread shows it overflows with muslim commenters:
“muhammads, anaya ali’s, torkal islam, aamed’s, noor’s, abu halima ali, faruk, sahib malik, etc.”
Fox cherry picked (or created) muslim commenter names to make muslims seem applie-pie-American-ish. A blatant & pathetic attempt to american-ize ’em. using super bowl for psyops propaganda – nice.

6 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

You have to wonder at how clueless the enemy is here. Their useful idiots are still given tripe about “Fighting The Power”, “Hating the Rich” and of course “The Man”. However, all the rich corporate jews are now using all their platforms to support the “Rebels” without a clue.
Its hard to get people to believe that the enemy is STUPID, and the only way they get anything is by theft and lying. The Monopoly Money Counterfeiting Ring called the Central Bank is the source of everything they have. Smash their grip on fake debt currency and these scum will be dumpster diving Tomorrow.
You can see how dumb this is, and so can I. If this is a plan, then where is the planning? Do you see a coherent strategy, or are they just grasping for something, anything, as their evil hatred of Whites has Made an Angry Giant Awaken and See (((Them)))?

7 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Every time I yelled “FUCK YOU” at a commercial selling shit-colored rainbows instead of product, I wondered how many other people were doing the same, or at least thinking it.

7 02 2017

Did these companies just sit back and let these Jewish advertising agencies waste their money on Super Bowl ads not having anything to do with selling the product but instead to make their advertising agents political agenda known? Seriously? How are these insulting commercials meant to sell products to middle America? Now it is also apparent that the left believes foreigners have every right to sneak in and invade this place. Just like what the communists did in Dr. Zhivago when he came home and found the government had put up all those drunken peasants in his house.

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