Sunday Wrap-Up (One Day Late)

6 02 2017


* What’s going on in Soulard?

This was just last night, but there have been a spate of them.

* Point of order:  This was in LaSalle Park, namely, the King Louis Square replacement for the Darst-Webbe, not Lafayette Square.  But it’s close enough, too close for comfort.

* Downtown, too.

* Now let’s head south to Dutchtown.

* Nothing ever became him in life like the leaving of it.  Do the subtraction, and he was all of 15 in that MODOC mugshot.

* Yeah, well, nobody ever took the “massage therapy” label literally anyway.

* Just like when this idea was floated in St. Peters, if the car dealers don’t want it, they’ll find a way to kill it.  They swing big sticks.  Furthermore, the problem is that this kind of thing can’t be piecemeal:  You can’t have one-way outers in St. Charles, two-way outers in St. Peters, and then one-way outers in part of O’Fallon, then two-way outers in LSL and Wentzville.  Really, they should be one-way through the entire developed part of 70 in St. Charles County, all the way from the Fifth Street exit just over the bridge to the future interchange with the future David Hoekel Parkway in Wentzville.


* All the talk is about Steve Bannon, when in reality, the real Rasputin is Stephen Miller.

In related news, look what my good blogging buddy Sab found.

* Norm Matloff gets some inches in HuffPo to praise the OCGE on H-xB reform.


* I thought travel bans were evil.

* Future fact.  Someone please tell me the plausible path of reality where this doesn’t need to happen.

* SPLC pesters the school not to punish black troublemakers.  School acquiesces.  Black troublemakers go even more wild.  SPLC warns the school not to punish them.  I’m getting dizzy.

* Pro-Choice.

* The White Death isn’t just a middle-aged thing.

* Affordable Family Formation.  It is, as the subjects of this article might say, a thing.  Likewise, as the author of this piece kinda-sorta states, I don’t buy into the manufactured hoopla that Millennials are cool with never really owning anything.  It’s not that they’re cool with it, it’s that they can’t afford to own the real big ticket items.  Because of that, corporate popular media are brainwashing them with a message that “rentership is cool” because they want them to be adapted to serfdom.

* If he thinks that hard work doesn’t really help blacks, then let’s see what his reaction would be if his black players skip every practice, every lifting session, every training session.

* FOIA requests on the FBI decoupling itself from the SPLC are finally being honored.  Turns out that Corkins/FRC was the catalyst.


* Space news, really no commentary to add, so I’ll just say one is pretty close to home, and the other is pretty far away.




3 responses

6 02 2017

Late addition, and the latest from SyeTen. It’s my new earworm.

7 02 2017
Alex the Goon

travel bans were evil – Please don’t throw the briar patch into Kansas!
Pro-Choice – Andy, making Mayberry Mayberry again.

7 02 2017
David In TN

To be a coach in the NBA or NFL, the main attribute is to be able “to relate to players.”

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