Butterfly Effect

7 02 2017

Berkeley, California et al.

There haven’t been many “anarchists” (communists) and “antifas” (profas) arrested, tagged, bagged and mugged as a result of whatever color George Soros as chosen to name the revolution he’s fomenting.  But of the few that there have been, I’ve come to a disturbing conclusion:

Just about all of these left-wing troublemakers have virtually the same countenance as our side’s troublemakers.

Which means that a malcontent is a malcontent, and the factors which determine whether they’ll be hard left troublemakers or hard right troublemakers are very marginal and dime thin.

Just change a wee slight few circumstances, and it would have been the Charleston Nutbar throwing Molotov Cocktails around UC Berkeley, and it would have been a typical Oakland black bloc-er who shot up black church women in Charleston.




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7 02 2017

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