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7 02 2017

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I had a chance earlier today to think about TFR.  Yeah, I know, I really had a jazzed day.

Anyway, to my amazement, the black American TFR as of 2013 was only 1.88, well below replacement level.  Stories about L’Booshondraniqua having 16 kids by 15 men make for good sensationalist copy, but as it turns out, they’re far more the exception than the rule.

The graph, from a blog that seems to be friendly territory:

Between 1980 and 2013, the only time period in which black TFR was appreciably above RL was 1987 to 1995; otherwise, it hovered close to RL on either side, and since the start of the Great Recession, it fell noticeably below.

One other thing black Americans were infamous for in the 1987 to 1995 time frame was a very eerily similarly sharp bump and then decline in violent crime and homicide rates.

Coincidence?  Or correlated?  Because I can think of an argument for both sides.

If they are correlated, then the irony-o-meter would be busted, because in that case, whatever was causing a higher murder rate was also causing a higher birth rate.



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7 02 2017

“If they are correlated, then the irony-o-meter would be busted, because in that case, whatever was causing a higher murder rate was also causing a higher birth rate.” – crack meant money, status, and so on, and would have meant a higher fertility for the winners of the inner city crack wars. Not really irony.

8 02 2017

This measures TFR per woman.

9 02 2017

I’d still say that their willingness to have children is influenced by the status and wealth of their suitors.

8 02 2017
High Arka

Good call AnAnon. The cocaine/crack wave had a noticeable impact on Africans in America. Given that there may be a moderate decrease in immigration figures over the next few years, it would be curious if black “citizen” fertility rose during the same time period, thereby offsetting any losses to the process of cultural subversion. For example, it would be eerie if one of the Iran-Contra crack scandal figures were to return to the White House around about now. Of course, such an occurrence is an impossibility, given how much our nation has changed since then. Hypothetically speaking, though, it would be like totally weird if some new craze managed to raise the fertility of African & indio documented citizens to levels sufficient to replace the missing immigrants.

Luckily, we know of no one so clever or fiendish as to conceive of such a plan.

8 02 2017
Dale Gribble

wheres the graph for mudsharks

8 02 2017

My argument for a correlation is that because of the crack wave, black women made quite a few crack babies.

My argument against a correlation, or at least that there were more fundamental factors at work that affected all people, not just black people, is that in the 1986-1990 time period of rising black TFR, white, Indian and Asian TFR also increased, and all four race categories had a circa 1990 peak.

9 02 2017
Rev. Right

The echo of the Baby Boom plus a period of economic growth after a long downturn that was coupled with a renewed national optimism.

I would expect at least a slight uptick in white T(rump)FR should our President achieve some success over his first term.

8 02 2017

OT but please tell me you saw Kuck Kristol say this:

I know you’re an AmRen guy so you probably already have; lol @ the cucks.

8 02 2017

Oh yeah I saw it, and I have a few hot takes over there.

9 02 2017

Most striking thing on that graph is what the housing crash/great recession did to TFR, hispanic TFR in particular. How often does TFR for a large ethnic group fall by nearly a third in a few years?

11 04 2017

Really…………That is when more and more black men were getting put in prison at ever increasing rate!! This is obvious!

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