Rahm’s Chill Pill

7 02 2017


His political coping strategy here in the Era of the OCGE:

Cozy up to John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

Lemme know how that works out for ya.

Personally, I think you’re siding with the wrong horses.




3 responses

7 02 2017
Alex the Goon

“LMK how that works out for ya” — I suspect Reehm and Lindsay will do what comes “naturally” to them, while McGimp watches from the closet.

9 02 2017

Rahm has far better instincts than to side with McCain, Graham being more logical. My question is how desperate Rahm must be to go this far, unless he really thinks Graham can cobble together a revolt in the Senate.

Either Rahm knows his fiefdom is doomed and is going down fighting, or he thinks Graham can save him

10 02 2017
Red County Hostage

The way I read this is that Rahm presumes, and rightly so, that he is in the elite (((or whatever you want to call it))), below the echelon that is really calling the shots. The echelon below Rahm are the Flimpwristeys and McQuislings that at least have a view on reality thought jaundice-colored glasses, a view that is looking at who to suck up to in Rahm’s echelon, an echelon that loves power but still may have a moral qualm or two. Your typical Demo ideologue/street punk/useful idiot, about four or five echelons below Rahm, has served his/her/its/whatever’s purpose, and it is no coincidence that Rahm is revealing this at Stanford, and not at one of the City Colleges of Chicago. Rqahm is signaling that the 60s are over.

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