Room and Board?

7 02 2017

San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle:

SF reaches deal for free tuition at City College

City College of San Francisco will be free of charge to all city residents under a deal announced Monday by Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Jane Kim that college trustees hope will lead to an enrollment jolt and more state funding for the school.

Under the agreement, which is expected to take effect in the fall, the city will pay $5.4 million a year to buy out the $46-a-credit fee usually paid by students.

The city’s contribution will also provide $250 a semester to full-time, low-income students who already receive a state-funded fee waiver. They will be able to use the money to pay for books, transportation, school supplies and health fees. Part-time students with fee waivers will get $100 a semester for the same purpose.

“Now we can say to California resident students that your City College is free,” Lee said at a City Hall news conference with Kim, City College trustees, faculty members, acting Chancellor Susan Lamb and others. “This is a good story.”

Cool.  They’ve got everything squared away.  Now all they need to do is figure out where they’re going to come up with the $6,000 a month to rent a place to live.

“Blogmeister, is this your snarky way of saying that it’s all moot and it’s all a PR/virtue signaling/political stunt because the people who could benefit from it can’t afford to live there anyway?”

You’re a quick study, peanut gallery.




One response

7 02 2017

I find it a bit…what’s the word for the city version of nationalistic?…to limit their benevolence to only the residents of their city. Why am I denied access to that free education merely because I don’t reside there? I feel like they are treating me like an unwanted refugee!

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