Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, Officially

9 02 2017

Washington, D.C.


Not so long ago, I was thinking that Sessions would be the one standing behind the podium.  Back in 2013, when I predicted that the 2016 Republican nominee would be either (A) An outsider insurgent while running as a Republican and running as a long time elected Republican official, would portray the perception if not the reality that he was engaging in a hostile takeover of the party, or (B) Jeb Bush, I was thinking that Sessions would be the (A).  I was right, in all but the precise identity of the individual.

Curiously, he didn’t state his full legal name when taking the oath a few minutes ago.

Already, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has named state AG Luther Strange as Sessions’s temporary replacement in the Senate; Strange had every intention to run himself for Senate in 2020 because everyone presumed that even if not for this, Sessions was on his last Senate term anyway.  Therefore, I presume Strange will run himself in the special election in 2018 and then in its normal cycle in 2020 if he wins.  Bentley appointed Strange to get him out of Montgomery because Strange wanted to see Bentley impeached for some reason.  Also, the first time I mentioned Strange in this medium was back in 2006 — Strange beat George Wallace, Jr. in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor, but then lost in November to the Democrat, an heir to the long time Folsom political dynasty in the state.  Four years later, Strange came back and won Alabama AG.




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9 02 2017

Just so I’m not misunderstood, my point in my 2013 prediction was stating that what were at the time considered top-tier candidates of a strident ideological bent, such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, couldn’t have won the nomination because ideologically driven brands of rightism of one sort or another no longer have the steam behind them to beat back the party establishment. In contrast, I predicted, someone running an actual or apparent hostile takeover running as a militant populist and triangulating against both the party establishment and the ideologues would be the only chance to beat Jeb. Like I said, I was pretty much right in substance but wrong in identity.

9 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Not altogether wrong in identity, because Sessions was a big influence on GE’s policies.

9 02 2017

That and Sessions did something he never did previously, that is, endorse someone in the primaries.

9 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Yeah he wouldn’t be much different from Trump. He was touting his Civil Rights activism and long political career and SOMEHOW his campaign collapsed. Its a Mystery how that happened. Where’s the Scoobies? What Shaggy died? Get Mike Tyson on it. That foul mouthed pigeon has words for you. Bad words.

9 02 2017

I keep thinking of this song for some reason, in more ways than one.

I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over that. Any chance I had to do so went out the window as the OCGE rode down the escalator and then won it all.

9 02 2017
David In TN

Do you think Jess Sessions could have done what Donald Trump did if he (Sessions) had made the race and Trump didn’t?

10 02 2017

Replace Trump with Sessions and he would have been the only one with the chance to break the blue wall.

10 02 2017

Republicans seem to have got it wrong, it was radical economic libertarianism that was the turn off, not lack of hispandering. Romney was perceived as a guy who not only would ship their job overseas, but also take away their unemployment.

10 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Sit back and watch all the stonewalling and obstruction by the GOPe dopes you DIDN’T see with Obama. They have to do it. They’ll cry waciss, and Anti-Shemp while they block anything besides Moar Tax Cuts, but basically the masks are coming off. Kayfabe is dead in Washington. Them vs Us. Is it a Civil War? Those are usually a fairly even split. This is more like Americans vs. parasites. The Parliament of whores has been raiding your pantry and dropping nigger bombs near your house. Its more similar to Turkey Shoot the way its shaping up now. Those niggers might shoot something, when they’re not shooting each other, but GOPe dopes are DEFINITELY NOT SAFE in Ape Shitty.

12 02 2017

I love that name, Beauregard. Sessions is a race-realist; though he could not or would not admit to it. Go Beauregard.

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