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9 02 2017

Washington, D.C.

Because everyone in our sector is talking about it.

You wanted hot takes, so you’re gonna get them.  Or, rather, you’ll get cuts-and-pastes of my hot takes on AR and OD.







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9 02 2017

In your response to disqusqueen17, you said she was in the demo that Trump’s camp was trying to reach…and I agree. As a PACU RN, I work with a group of pretty well off anesthesiologists and surgeons in a southern city who are now almost entirely on bad terms with one another because of the election. They split entirely along racial lines, except one Indian doctor who was fervently pro-Trump and very pro-white, and thus on the side of the white docs. It just proves to me, argument be damned, we are mostly tribal.
But, my experience doesn’t line up with how I see white professionals in non-Southern states vote. What is the cause of this difference?
I have a theory that it’s your lizard brain and whether or not you have to constantly use it. When I lived in rural Arizona, safe as could be and surrounded by people that looked like me, I considered myself liberal and voted such. But every time that I have lived in the Deep South, where black criminality comes with the territory, I quickly revert back to being staunchly conservative. It is my reason as to why I think the European people will turn hard right soon. And does this somehow relate to the swing in the Midwest?

9 02 2017
9 02 2017

Thanks. Interesting read.
You wouldn’t believe how many docs I have listened to about how their children weren’t getting accepted into certain colleges but other, less deserving kids were. They, the ones that support Trump, seemed to think that their children aren’t inheriting the same country as they did. And for some reason, after eight years of Obama’s reign, this concern falls nicely along racial lines. Coincidence?

9 02 2017

I find it difficult to judge the decisions made on the right in the late 80s. A unipolar world, mass wealth, the so called peace dividend, technology and media change, Silicon Valley, etc.

With the exception of the NRA and the organizations on its right flank, there really was no coherent right ideology that put together any message in those days. Let’s not forget when HW showed his colors attacking Wayne LaPierre, and the events that led up to those exchanges.

9 02 2017

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, mainstream conservatism needed to dispatch itself to the retirement home.

9 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

You’ll have to excuse fat boy, he’s feeling comfortable again. I suppose its easy when you’re fat and stupid like him. Let me tell you a True Story. Trump isn’t on our side. He’s supposed to be Reagan redux or Reaganomics II. Oh the winning. The winningest winner we see. Yeah OK. Reagan didn’t lull an Angry Giant back to sleep. He told fat Americans to relax, to take out a loan and get some credit cards and it will all beez alright.
Are you alright? Are you Alt-Right? Better get ready son. These dudes are STUPID. Reagan didn’t fool anyone. Go along to get along is based on having too much to lose. Do you have a lot to lose with jews? Only if they run the bank.

9 02 2017
David In TN

Kristol made the usual paean to “immigrants from Ireland, Italy, Russia, and now Mexico.”

Ever notice the pro-immigration types almost never mention immigration from Germany? Stephen Ambrose, the writer of innumerable books on WW II wrote (in one of his lesser known works) that about a third of American soldiers in WW II were “ethnically German.”

BTW, I don’t have a drop of German blood in me. And my roots in America go back to the 17th Century.

10 02 2017

I knew an old guy who fought for Germany in WWI. His eldest son died on D-Day. I’m guessing that wasn’t unique.

10 02 2017

Ireland, Italy, Russia, Mexico. One of these things is not like the other.

10 02 2017

And how. Even appealing to the old immigration waves has this current one lasting far longer, and utterly dominated by a single group. There is nothing like our current migration wave that in any way resembles the previous ones at all. Of course Kristol is just trying to keep the game going for just a little bit longer.

10 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Four of those things are not like the others.

10 02 2017

Germans came quite early, no doubt by 1940 many in Middle America had someone in their family tree with origins there. Not quite the same as the early 20th century great wave who didn’t start to intermarry with those outside their ethnicity till the post war period.

10 02 2017
David In TN

There were a lot of Germans coming to America during the early 20th Century great wave and even after WW II.

12 02 2017

Jesus, stop beating around the bush already. It is not rocket science. White is now and always has been right. Our problems have been created by the usurious, duplicitous jews utilizing inferior, and wholly unsuited for white Western society/culture, non-Caucasians as bio-weapons against us evil YT’s. We will never be right again or be able to thrive again unless and until we rid ourselves of jews and those who can not pass the Paper-bag Test. Not eloquent, but on target. BTW, (((Bill Kristol))) can go suck a kosher egg.

14 02 2017
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