Sunday Wrap-Up

12 02 2017


* What is up with Bob Romanik?  Or rather, what is up with the people who are knawing at him because he pottymouthed a tatted up rapper?  Are we supposed to think that a man in Romanik who has been to Federal prison and operates strip joints over on the East Side is going to speak of every one and thing he has an opinion about in Buckleyite terms?

* About the “Klan leader” down in St. Francois County whose dead body was found a few days ago.  My bet is that it had something to do with meth or heroin.

* A safe haven for LGBTQBLTBBQLOL in the city of St. Louis…is redundant.

A safe haven from what?  The violent homophobic city government, mayor, police departmentThat St. Louis is such a horrible place for gays?

* “We have to start being aware of who’s in the neighborhood…” — Except, by your own standards, good progressives and LGBTQBLTBBQLOL of Tower Grove South, that’s MUH RAYSHUL PWOFYLING.

* That’s very magnanimous of them.  Except, the UK Guardian, definitely a left-of-center publication, definitely disagrees with them about how safe is Natural Bridge Avenue through the city.

* He lives (or lived) along Natural Bridge in the city, but he didn’t do the crime there.  In this case, his bragging about catching a body meant his catching a case.

* Both MICDS and Burroughs have $27K tuition bills for the current school year, (note to self:  resist temptation to kick a current year joke here).  And, how do they reward the parents cutting these big tuition checks?  The daughter of Larry Hughes and the younger sister of Ezekiel “Crop Top” Elliott get into a big fight at a girls’ bouncyball game between the two.  Note:  Elliott is himself a Burroughs alum, while Larry Hughes went to CBC.


* More recognition for the real Rasputin.


* They said it never happened.

* American incarceration or Latin-American freedom?

I know, that would be a tough one, too.

* I love the smell of signed confessions in the evening.  He’s not just admitting to “half his family’s” immigration status, he’s also admitting to their document fraud, and maybe also to their illegal voting.


* Better that Richmond, Virginia compares itself to Chicago than to St. Louis.

* Anyone care to hazard a guess?

* Intersectionality crash alert.

* Turns out that the Dime Store Indian’s stunt was all to hawk her new book.  A book that probably won’t be as clever as her previous book, the one she co-authored with her daughter.

Speaking of which, I have to reiterate, the latter book, The Two-Income Trap, is being used to nail the Dime Store Indian on voucher hypocrisy.  The problem is that I don’t think her and her daughter’s advocacy of vouchers in Trap is really that genuine.  I think it was just a throwaway line to throw a “solution” to “bad schools” out there, because they previously in the narrative (rightly) described a source of middle class economic anxiety as more and more people bidding up housing values in “good school districts.”  Of course, they weren’t going to be so politically incorrect as to tell you that what makes a a good school district good and what makes a bad school district bad are the lack of or the massive presence of NAM students, respectively.

* Definitely a new day.  Next up:  Berkeley.

* I have written here several times on the politics of comparable worth, (and that’s what all this talk about the long-ago solved and non-existent gender pay gap is meant as a run-up to, implementing comparable worth), that it will be carried out by paying men less, not by paying women more.

Here’s a little bit of evidence.

* Every story above has been along Interstate 95.


* Sorry I had to dig down into muck of such stellar credible sources like Media Takeout, but this is the only source which cites him as BLM.  Other more credible sources will call him an “activist” in the generic, or they’ll say he leads anti-Trump resistance in Portland.


* Edmonton Man is the new Minnesota Man.

* More intersectionality problems, I see?

* Remember the Chinese-Canadian bus beheader from several years ago?  Here’s how his case turned out in the end.


* Yet another intersectionality crash alert.  That progressivetard stack fall down go boom.

* Yes, but will it be fully autonomous?

* And I thought I, at almost 40, was too old to be spinning even as semi-professionally as I do it, and “semi-professionally” is a big stretch.

* May be the darkest place in the contiguous country, but even as far as it is from anything, there’s just enough light pollution to cause it to be not at the darkest level of the Bortle Dark Sky Scale, because no place in the contiguous United States is.  When my eldest uncle was still living, his rural property was right on the edge of the best seeing and darkest skies in Missouri, in fact, so good that they don’t regularly present until you get to western Kansas.

* History retconning and resume padding for the sake of social justice?  Well shiver me timbers.

* Meryl Creep is going to stand up against brownshirt tactics.  Which means she’s going to go to Berkeley and get those anarchists told.  Right?




5 responses

13 02 2017

The Chinese-Canadian will of course be promptly fleeing back to China once free.

13 02 2017
High Arka

…but I can’t understand the reference in the link unless you say whether you’re one of the pro-Rasputin people, or one of the anti-Rasputin people.

13 02 2017

Re the Klan leader.

* He was shot in the head.

* His son-in-law has been popped.

13 02 2017

The weekend is over, and everyone is apprising the ookiness.

13 02 2017

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