13 02 2017

Beaverton, Oregon

First off, we don’t need a lecture about equality from a corporation whose profit margins are built on the temple of this close to slave labor.

Now, to the point of the matter.  They say there’s equality inside the lines.  If you can do it, nothing else matters.

That’s right.

Except…basketball, especially the highest professional levels, doesn’t seem to be a pursuit that lends itself well to egalitarianism.

The NBA at the players’ level seems to be comprised of tall to very tall, fast to very fast, black men, as players, and not any slow elderly short white women.  If we apply the same reasoning that the Federal judiciary uses for urban fire departments to the NBA, then it’ll have to have an actual or effective quota for slow elderly short white women.

Which means I also don’t need a lecture about equality from the best basketball player of our times and maybe the best women’s tennis player ever.




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13 02 2017

Phil Knight net worth: $25.7 billion
LeBron James net worth: $400 million
Serena Williams net worth: $150 million

But everyone’s equal inside the rabbit hole, or something like that.

13 02 2017
Alex the Goon

“the best tennis player to regularly compete against women, ever.”

13 02 2017
egregious philbin

that commercial is his in-nog-aural address.

15 02 2017

I do not take lectures from sweaty negroes.

15 02 2017

I also do not take lectures from jews.

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