It Was Bound to Happen, One Night Again

13 02 2017

Washington, D.C.

My first real schisms with the OCGE.

Asset forfeiture.


To add to one I already had, Eminent Domain.

He might be able to make an argument that Ex-Im isn’t that bad.  But he won’t be able to talk his way out of asset forfeiture in my mind.  And also, whenever he tries to defend EmDom, he winds up engaging in generic apologetics.  Nobody is claiming that EmDom shouldn’t exist at all.  What we grind over is its use for non-public projects.




3 responses

13 02 2017
Alex the Goon

I had no idea the libs were ever not nevertrumpers.

14 02 2017

Flynn’s resignation was an organizational problem and a strategic blunder.

Asset Forfiture makes perfect sense if you think that all social problems are the result of “tough hombres”. Follow the money, starve the beast, and all that.

14 02 2017

Just as Trump doesn’t seem to grasp the nuance in EmDom, he doesn’t seem to grasp the nuance in AsFor. Virtually nobody arguing in the opposite position are arguing that neither EmDom nor AsFor shouldn’t exist, it’s that they should be reformed so that they’re only used in legitimate compelling state interest situations. Trump is trying to respond by making the general broad brush arguments for their existence, thinking that the critics are arguing that they shouldn’t exist at all.

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