Somebody Else’s Sequitur

13 02 2017

Frankfort, Kentucky, et al.

Am I supposed to be impressed or mystified?

Something that a lot of people don’t grasp is that national politics, provincial politics and local politics are significantly different games, with different political centers, different homeostatic equilibria, different issue bases.  I could like or dislike a given politician on one level and then have the opposite feeling about him or her on another level.  For instance, I think Scott Walker is a pretty good Wisconsin Governor, but I don’t think he would have made that good of a President, (and you’ll remember he was briefly the Republican front runner before OCGE rode down the escalator, in fact, fulfilling the prediction I made at the time of his announcement, Walker’s was a heretofore top tier candidacy that Trump’s rise wrecked early in the demolition derby), because Walker’s agenda and accomplishments, while credible provincially, don’t scale well up to a national level.  Likewise, I pretty much despised Rahm Emanuel as a Federal politician or quasi-politician, but I think he’s been an okay even if not perfect Chicago Mayor.  Rahm is a liberal by national standards, but by Chicago standards, he’s something of a conservative, and he, as Chicago Mayor, gets something of the same level of heat that national conservative politicians get, for almost the same reason.

Another reason for the difference is that as you step up from local to state to national, the budgets grow by orders of magnitude, and the issue base transitions on the pedantic-existential spectrum.

To bitch about how national Republicans are bickering yet state-level Republicans are cleaning up pedal to the metal is about as reasonable as complaining that the basketball game lasts so long and drags on in real time in contrast to its clock time in contrast to the soccer game which isn’t much longer in real time than clock time.





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13 02 2017

OT So we had a drunk Latino kill a guy with her car last night. One of the charges is “driving without ever having been issued a license” (she’s 35) which to me screams illegal immigrant. So far that topic has been studiously avoided by any of the local MSM. Here’s the State Police press release.

15 02 2017

Scott Walker is a cuck and eunuch who married a woman 15 years his senior. Only an ultra gamma male would do that. I can see him as our President.

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