White Lives Matter

13 02 2017


I know what I’m about to write will be misinterpreted fifty million ways to my next Sunday wrap-up.  If for no other reason alone, because Miss Khogali is so consumed by her own (part) blackness and the consequent contempt for white people (including her own white ancestry) that she royally flubs the science of the matter.

But she understands white people better than most white people do.

Much of what makes us us are genetically recessive traits.

If any people in the world need safe spaces, we do.  Safe spaces made us who we are.




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13 02 2017

Notice she called Justin Bieber Trudeau, probably the most left of center head of state or government in the First World at the moment, all the naughty things.

13 02 2017

Brazil already ran this experiment. There are still white people thanks to razor wire/walled off safe spaces, but blacks, despite their dominant genetic traits were blended out.

13 02 2017

In recap, everyone needs safe spaces, its why we evolved to be territorial.

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