Yay, Geraldo

13 02 2017

New Haven, Connecticut

I don’t think much of Geraldo Rivera otherwise, but when he does something good, he should be acknowledged for it.




3 responses

13 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Yale may not be the poorer, for losing a volunteer English-habla-ing mexican who can’t find a better word than “lame” to protest this travesty.

13 02 2017

That Geraldo was an associate fellow at Yale was much more shocking than the decision to cave on the name change. What did he do there? Unless they were trying to check off some diversity box, I can’t believe the blue bloods who run the place would want to associate with Geraldo.

13 02 2017
David In TN

When Geraldo had a show on the FNC, he did a couple of segments on the Christian-Newsom torture murders in 2007. No other “name” TV personality did at the time.

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