Bill Kristol: For the Follow-Up Win

14 02 2017

Washington, D.C.

In case you missed what he did last week.

I know, he’s his own hardest act to follow, but I think he nailed it.




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14 02 2017

I have no respect for Kristal. He is not a conservative, he is a statist who would be happier with big government than smaller government. He is the problem with Washington. He is the problem with government. He is the problem with the republican party. He and people like him are the reason why this government will finally collapse. He is more of a democrat than a conservative. May he and all the other hypocrites rot in hell.

15 02 2017

Obviously he liked his comfortable little sinecure and insulated bubble of the establishment. Then Glorious Leader Trump took a giant sh*t on (((Kristol))) et al and exposed them for the frauds that they have always been. This rotten kike who prefers the (((Deep State))) is the reason the Tribe has always been oh so “persecuted”.

15 02 2017

He’s no different than the POS Mark Felt who betrayed his country because Nixon bypassed the scumbag for FBI Director.

16 02 2017

PJB thinks it wasn’t Felt.

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