Twenty-Four Days

14 02 2017

Washington, D.C.

My whitey sense tells me that the real reason Trump gave Michael Flynn the heave-ho is because of some blatant lie.

To think, Flynn was on Trump’s VP short list.




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14 02 2017

Vox thinks it’s good news:

Where I think he’s right is that there’s going to be pretty quick and all-encompassing turnover in this White House, and I think even on the Cabinet level.

14 02 2017

Flynn wasn’t neoconservative, or at least not fanatic about it. From his days at DIA, he was for strengthening DoD intelligence capacities, which brought him in serious conflict with State and the Washington Post. He was by far the best available possibility for National Security Advisor, since he had the background in the military and intelligence arenas.

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