Four Nays

15 02 2017

Washington, D.C.

Four solid Republican nays on Puzder.

Four is more than three, and three is all that’s necessary to make Puzder’s nomination toast, browner than a Hardees breakfast.

I’ve been saying that Betsy Wetsy is the Trump cabinet pick I dislike the most.  And I’m still holding to that.  But the more I see of Puzder, the less I like, and if you want to argue for Puzder being the worst, I won’t retort.  Plain words, four Republican Senators are saving Trump from a decidedly less than stellar pick.




3 responses

15 02 2017

He withdrew this afternoon.

16 02 2017

Trump the populist savior of the white working class certainly swung at an awful ball in the dirt on this Puzder Pick. Is any industry seen as more offensive and exploitive than the fast food industry? Pulling someone from there to be the watchdog of the working people was a terrible PR pick. Was this Rence Pribus and the RNC? Or was he a golfing buddy of the Donald?

16 02 2017

Trump first offered this job to Lou Barletta, but he turned it down.

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