I Wonder How That Happened

15 02 2017

Weston, Florida


Have We Forgotten ‘Never Forget’?

Yes, it’s been a whole minute.

By Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Why not her porn name, DWStweets?

This past weekend, my twins were accepted to their top choice for college.

I wonder how that happened. I’d like to speculate, but at the same time, I don’t want to be anti-Semitic. So I’ll chicken out and say that her powerful position had something to do with it.  I also wonder if her twins’ “top choice” was a quaint little institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts, or another quaint little institution in New Haven, Connecticut.

Masel Tov anyway, Deb.




10 responses

15 02 2017

The way DWS’s rant is being treated is to respond to her kvetching about all the hate crimes. We know that almost all of these anti-Semitic hate crimes on college campuses are either: (1) False alarms, (2) Watchaya Doin Rabbi hoaxes, (3) Muslims, (4) BDS leftist anti-Israel (i.e. the consequences of Jewish diversitarianism blowing up in their faces).

But that’s not the point. I’m more interested in how her kids magically got into their first choice of a college, when that’s true for almost nobody. I think that and her kvetching are in the same article for a good reason. She’s trying to cover for her own Jewish privilege and her own power privilege, which she admits to in her first sentence, by whining about all these campus anti-Semitic hate crimes, trying to pass off the privileged as victims. Furthermore, in not being honest about the composition and perpetrators of these hate crimes, as I was above, she’s implicitly trying to peddle the notion that she’s actually scared that Richard Spencer is going to knife her precious twins in the back.

15 02 2017

My wife’s niece is graduating from Yale this spring. She’s annoyingly clueless. 90% of her diet for 22 yrs. has been mac & cheese. How’d she get in? Checked the Pacific Islander box(25% Guamanian), plays volleyball, went to obama’s H.S.

15 02 2017

think DWS highlites her W-name cuz her daddy was president of one of the major TV networks for decades BUT she’s no child of privilege, no indeedy

15 02 2017

Of course this kikess’s children got into the college of their choice. Her jewyness had nothing to do with it.

15 02 2017

Her uber-privileged kids are also getting U.S. taxpayer funded grants & pseudo-scholarships that highly intelligent, Christian goyim/gentile children would never receive.

16 02 2017
Stan d Mute

Every time I read something like this and reflect on the behavior of all too many Jews here in Florida, I ask myself if my general philo-semitism is a mistake. My knee-jerk response is always that a high IQ group, regardless of antisocial behavior, is vastly preferable to any low IQ group like negroes. My podiatrist has never gang raped a white girl. But I know that with each asking, my knee jerks a little less vigorously. And while I continue to wait for a Jewish movement widely advocating the benefits of living amidst white Christians and agnostics as the best friends the Jew ever had, I grow more sure that it will never happen. Jews are going to ride this “Chosen” people and anti-white advocacy for diversity right into their own oblivion. They’re blind to the fact that a world without whites is a world without Jews. They are infected with the same mental illness that creates all leftists, an illness that must be expunged from the gene pool before the pool becomes too fouled to continue.

16 02 2017

The straw that broke this camel’s back was that organized Jewish interests respond to virtually every J-neutral, philo-Semitic, pro-Semitic or anti-anti-Semitic Alt-Right and Alt-Lite movement with the usual cat calls of ZOMG ANTI-SEMITISM.

16 02 2017
Alex the Goon

In one paragraph you went from “general philo-semitism” to “must be expunged”. Pepe smiled.

17 02 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Stan: I’m a (((them!))). I say that to provide context. My visits to South Florida and witnessing the behavior of the Noo Yawk Jewish transplants caused me deep embarrassment. My own high school classmates were no prize either. Same behavior just different accents.

I have asked that we all not be judged by this behavior or that of the DWSs of the world. But at the same time I understand the disgust and distrust shown toward those I no longer consider “my” people.

17 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Are we supposed to care about Genocide when they’re trying to Genocide us? Or is the Holocaust just what they expect after all this obvious in your face Anti-White Hatred and Terror? Perhaps that old and tired strategy, if that’s even the right word, of trying to guilt people is just not cognizant of the reality that WE KNOW. That next Sanhedrin is running out of places to hide I imagine.

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