The Ambulance Chaser’s Dilemma

15 02 2017


About this business of Brown & Crouppen wanting to leave Downtown.

The irony-o-meter just hit 11 on a ten-point scale.

B&C’s nest is Downtown, and as you can read, they want to stay there, because they’re an ambulance chaser firm that wants to be in close walking distance to the northeast bank of Tucker and Market, because that building is where ambulance chaser firms like B&C bring home the bacon, off the backs of the stick-it-to-da-man juries that are assembled in that building.

But at the same time, they are entertaining leaving, because of dindu crime.

Do you see the through line?  If you do, then you’ll also grok the irony.

Elderly black women = The jurors.  Their grandsons = The dindu criminals.




3 responses

15 02 2017

While the partners are negotiating for more handouts and ultimately will stay downtown, I guarantee you their staff, particularly their female staff, are worried about the crime downtown and the ever increasing presence of ever more aggressive homeless.

15 02 2017

I am all broken up about those ambulance chaser’s problems.

16 02 2017
Stan d Mute

This assumes the old negro ladies of the future are the same old negro ladies of the past and present. Yet the old negro ladies past and present were raised by mother and fathers, worked as maids, and have affection for handsome smooth talking shyster white men who win their affections with politeness and subtle flirting (think Willie Clinton). The old negro ladies of the future? Not so much. These old ambulance chaser firms will have to become negro law firms which means many more reversals on appeal. In the meantime the firm staff will be protected by the firm’s payoffs to cops via democrat machine politics.

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