The Public’s Right Not to Know

15 02 2017


I only broached this story in this space on Sunday, and that that, it was in a snarky way. You know, Edmonton Man is the new Minnesota Man.

Nevertheless, sexual assault is really not a big deal, in fact, it’s borderline not even a crime, unless the suspect looks like a non-existent white man written about in Strolling Bone. No, the real crime is noticing patterns. And the real victims are the rapists, the girls they raped probably brought it on themselves by having the audacity to be white.




8 responses

15 02 2017

if u r white ‘n dressing all hot ‘n sexy, it ain’t rape, it’s promoting intercultural understanding….hey, what is it about, our invasive Rapefugee’s being advised by their old immam’s that they could just take all the white pussy they wanted when they moved west, that us whitey’s don’t get ? The crime of their illegal entry & their religion absolves them of all other criminal charges

15 02 2017
Alex the Goon

If women didn’t want to get raped at some psycho- or biological level, they wouldn’t be such easy targets. Nor would they hold signs bearing the words “Refugees Welcome”. None of this negates the fact that Edmonton Men and Minnesota Men should be deported to Sheol.

15 02 2017
Ralph Malph

Ambtman said Soleiman came to Canada in January 2016 with his wife and six children, aged one to 13 years.

16 02 2017

Good stuff lately, thought I’d throw that out before I went OT. So twitter is just getting worse and worse, Heartiste is out and they are F…ing with Sailer, obviously it’s time to go. It took me a while to get used to the twitter format but not that long, every time I go on Gab it is totally discombobulating. So 1., do you have any tips on using Gab. and 2. half the reason I use twitter is to follow local news, which doesn’t exist on Gab…is that right? Or am I doing it wrong? I’m sort of tech aware, but I hate the thought of using one service for shit posting and another for following local news. How have you dealt with this? Thanks for any help.

16 02 2017

I post to Gab and read Twitter.

As far as your other point:

16 02 2017

And by “local news” I mean following city council members, state reps and sens…I assume you still do this on Twitter? There appears to be no other way.

16 02 2017

Rather than talk about a ‘right’, I’d like to hear their explanation for not telling us.

17 02 2017

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