15 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

A massive political Woodstock with OCGE as the keynote speaker, attended by as many people as possible that both support him to some extent (or people that are neutral about him yet dislike the deep state’s machinations), and are part of the country’s formal and informal, official and unofficial, armed forces, everyone from the highest ranking military generals down to your grandpa with his thirty-aught-six.  They all could be armed, or most of them could be real-looking fake arms.

Trump could just babble on in his usual stream-of-consciousness that he perfected on the campaign trail, and he could really talk about nothing.  It really doesn’t matter — The critical element here isn’t what Trump would say, it’s who he would be saying it to.  The purpose is to send a message to the deep state that they’re out of line and to cut the crap, or else.

Unless they want November 3, 2020 to be just another day.




4 responses

15 02 2017

What do you think of this take? Nov. 22, 1963-Jan.20, 2017. The CIA’s foreign policy run.

15 02 2017

The spook met his Waterloo in a frog.

16 02 2017

Problem is people are spooked from attending due to the violent leftists. The AG would have to take down the worst couple thousand of these traveling agitators first to castrate this movement.

16 02 2017

Trump is going back on the road, so at least someone was thinking of my idea in a roundabout way.

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