Hole In My Heart

16 02 2017


Many Mexican oriented businesses on Cherokee Street were closed today for the “Day Without Immigrants.”

I know, it was a yuge inconvenience to all of us.

I wonder if Bruce Franks and the nearby anarchists participated.




3 responses

16 02 2017

As a matter of fact, Bruce Franks is going to be holding an emergency crime summit either tonight or tomorrow at some joint along Natural Bridge. Dindus, Mexicans, anarchists. You know, I’ve heard a rumor that Cherokee Street used to be full of normal regular people and full of stores that appealed to their retail sensibilities.

17 02 2017

They are planning another one of these on Mayday. Let them show the public how this invasion is deeply connected to the project of Marxist revolution in America.

17 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

There was a huge boom in neighborhood markets during Obummer’s White Hatred Parade. The SBA has been mis-allocating taxpayer dollars to low-rent “minority” bizness for awhile now. Bush jr did it too. The downward spiral and endless bankruptcies are par for the course for this Anti-White pogrom. Closing the banks, getting control over our money and ending Anti- White preferences are all necessary conditions for recovery. We need brown and black like we need monkey viruses. As long as they can print monopoly money they’ll never stop. They’ll bankrupt the World for their stupid fantasies of living like effendi on the backs of brokeback brown mongrels. You cannot talk to the insane. You have to break their influence and push them into the tar pits with their pets.

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