Sunday Wrap-Up

19 02 2017

Did you know on Friday, they forecasted yesterday to be ideal golfing weather?

Stupid they.

Today turns out to be the great day for golf, but Sunday is my grown-up chores day.


* He’s right, you know.  Why is it that only Latino immigrants are the only ones that are allowed to dream?

* When it comes to being alone in the universe, if you’re in Fulton, Missouri, and you stray out of town in several directions, you’ll be pretty alone in your universe.

* C’Mia.

* It happened four years ago.  I only vaguely remember it off hand, and only briefly mentioned it in this space.

The dispensation of the case.

Since he didn’t get a life sentence, and the Miller case is probably the reason why he didn’t, five’ll-getya-ten that he only does half of the fifty bid.

* Problacktards, black militants, often gripe that talking head TV and local eyeball news only ever does stories about missing hot blonde girls, and never about missing black girls.  I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the latter, as if the media are responding to that criticism.

A few days ago, there was a volunteer search party that searched vacant homes on the north side looking for missing black girls.

“No one joined in.”


* How Steve Bannon became Steve Bannon.  His WTF moment was his time in the Navy during the 1980 Iran hostage crisis.  Quite the handful of people I’ve met in my life had similar WTF moments while in the military.

* Bad news, you say?  I take it as good news.  Because it means for the first time in nine years, during this time of year, we have a President who doesn’t know or care about college bouncyball.

* Read further down, and you find out sort of the same thing, even if it was not as boisterous, happened to Arne Duncan.  The similarity is that Betsy Wetsy’s neoconservatism and Basketball Arne’s neoliberalism on education policy converged a long time ago, and is a threat to the teachers’ unions.  The difference is that because the unions and the neolibs are in the same political party, that by itself will mute the unions’ angst.  But since that’s not a problem now, it’s full freakoutrage ahead.

It’s precisely why I think she is Trump’s worst pick, because of the Machiavellian politics of the matter.

* If you’re going to equate current American events with Ancient Roman history, don’t think of the Third Century A.D., think of late in the First Century B.C. and early in the First Century A.D. — This strikes me as the transition from late republican to early imperial Rome.

* Not only is it Grade A Bullshit, but to the extent that Obama even cares about this kind of thing at all, and I don’t think he much does, OFA in his post-Presidency is to him what the red Corvette is to fortysomething guys.  A way to relive the good times of their younger years.

* Straining my brain trying to figure out the real difference between Keith Ellison and Tom Perez.  And also, what’s this bit about “I am not interested in anarchy?”  From what I’ve seen in the past month, that party is very interested in anarchy, or at least the people who embrace the label.


* Why do they love their diversity, especially their Latino diversity, so much?  Remember, it’s Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Think of what the alternative is.

* Yeah, so?  They only want in on the same action that Dindus have been the masters of for decades.

* I’m through.  I mean, we have to read about all these “Mexican-Muslims,” when I distinctly remember a time in history when El Paso was an American city full of Americans.


* Apple, tree, roll, not far.

* Remember Occam’s Razor Reloaded:  Among competing hypotheses, the one with the most cynicism should be selected.

It’s to save the district money on food procurement, not saving the environment.

* Clayton, New York, where the volunteer firemen are also on the high school basketball team.

It’s probably a charming place to live, meaning they better keep their traps shut, before someone gets the bright idea to diversify the place.

* I don’t read anything here that would substantively solve the problem, so I’m going with cheap political stunt.

Considering Hawaii, and its high property values, nobody with any real political clout is actually going to want to solve the problem, because solving the problem would hurt property values.  If this problem is solved at all, it will involve shipping the state’s homeless back to the mainland.

* Quotable:

The campus branch of Students for a Democratic Society was already organizing activities as part of national day of action against Trump administration policies on immigration when it was approached by faculty members interested in speaking out on similar issues, according to information from the group.

Sounds like my 54th axiom:

Whenever a mass group of young people do something, there is always an old person behind it.  If a mass of young men bearing arms take a hill, there is an old man with stars on his helmet behind it.  Likewise, when you see masses of young “anarchists,” there is an old man with tenure behind it.


* Generation Z in Britain.  Though this generation is starting to be called Homelanders, because almost all of them were born after 9/11, that would have no special context outside the United States.  And I’m also thinking that, since this refers to current college students, and if you use 2000 as the cutoff year between Millennials and Homelanders, the oldest Zs are just turning 17 this year, the author of this piece must have an earlier crossover year in mid.


* He’s good for something.  Not quite the best NFL running back, but still, something.

* The upshot:  Now that we know what to look for before they happen, we’ll be able to do forecasting.

* That time when AI met the Seven Deadlies.

* Now, you see, Draymond, that’s not how slavery worked.  Slavery was all about the owners of capital exploiting free labor to make their products more lucrative and therefore to make them more wealthy.  James Dolan, OTOH, has an above average payroll this season and a below average record.  That’s the total opposite of slavery.




3 responses

19 02 2017
Alex the Goon

“No one joined in.” – Somehow this will get blamed on Us People.
“This strikes me as the transition from late republican to early imperial Rome.” – If Caesar is on our side, I’m fine with it. Even with GE whipping them, the two Houses will never work for us.
Apple Sandusky – That trait was probably passed down rectally, not genetically.

19 02 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

C’Mia: when is one or another of the ghetto mamas just going to cut to the chase and name a child “A’Postrofee’?

Bannon: My lightbulb-over-head awakening came in the Navy as well. The awakening I had was seeing just how very stupid, dishonest, impulsive, loud, and violent blacks were compared to Whites, Hispanics, or Asians. I had some good black shipmates, but for the most part, they were useless, and in positions they had no skills or analytical ability to be in.

19 02 2017
David In TN

The media and “crime” shows have been responding to the criticism they “only talk about missing white girls” for the last five years or so. Since then there have been stories on missing black girls.

But the Dead White Girl stories only become national morality plays when the suspect ;looks like Scott Peterson or Joran van der Sloot. Or Casey Anthony, for that matter.

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