Idle Hands are the SJW’s Workshop, Part 2

20 02 2017

Tacoma, Washington

Eleven current years ago, this was the word out of nearby Seattle.

Not to be outdone, Tacoma has now contributed its part to the SJWs’ War on Normal.




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20 02 2017
20 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Linked in the first article: Bezos’ muslim refugees call Bezos a hateful bigot for not building them a mosque on company grounds.
In a statement, security worker Ismahan Ismail described herself as a proud U.S. citizen, Somalian refugee and Navy veteran who was nonetheless singled out because of her religion. “I believe in fairness and building this country up. It’s why I do security now,” Ismail said”
Ismail did not explain, nor was she asked, in what way does planting her forehead on a rug, and sticking her fat ass in the air, build this country up. Or make her better at “security” work.

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