Idle Hands are the SJW’s Workshop

20 02 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

You want proof?

Here’s your proof.




One response

20 02 2017
Alex the Goon

I used to xerox my own targets, of a hand-drawn “X” baseball cap that certain creatures were apt to don.
I had a Korean coworker who, whenever I “noticed” anything about certain creatures, would chuckle and softly caution me to “Prease, no lacial.” Some days after his store was burned down by certain creatures on the Day of Rodney, I showed him one of my targets, bearing seven or eight holes with a diameter of about 45 hundredths of an inch. His eyes hardened, said “Give me that”, and taped it onto the wall behind his desk.
Every day, some lacky, female, loud-mouthed creature of color delivered mail to everyone’s office. And every day, she saw that hat on his wall. I’m still surprised he never got even a whisper of shit about it.

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