When Black Activists and Politicians Demanded the War on Drugs

20 02 2017


At Counter Currents, today.

This mentions the crack-meth-powder syllogism.

It is correct that Federally recommended sentences at one time for crack cocaine were ten times what they were for powder cocaine, controlling for weight. However, at the same time, Federally recommended sentences for crystal meth were one-half of what they were for crack cocaine, again, controlling for weight.

I know that, because while these recommended sentences were still legally extant, the Evening Whirl published a chart showing them in almost all of their issues.  In case you’re not a St. Louisan, the Whirl is St. Louis’s by blacks for blacks about blacks newspaper, which heavily centers on vernacular-sensationalism about urban (i.e. mostly black) violent crime and sundry bellcurvosity.

This means if you want to claim the ten times disparity between the black stereotype drug of crack and the white Wall Street stereotype drug of powder cocaine is racist, then you have to say that the five times disparity between the lower class white stereotype drug of crystal meth and the white Wall Street stereotype drug of powder cocaine is classist. Yet, the second part of that is something I never heard from quasi-official circles.




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