Nah, That Would Be Too Simple

21 02 2017

Waco and Austin, Texas

All the fancy new state laws the Texas state legislature is considering in the wake of the Baylor scandal.

A really simple idea would be for schools not to import violent dindus as ringers to win ballgames.

Problem is, that idea is too simple.  Aside from that, the idea suffers the problem of its advocates having to name the ook.




4 responses

22 02 2017

well, duuuuuhhhhhh, in case you haven’t heard, “White Pussy Laws” have been introduced all over Europe as a result of the schwerpunkt of the Islamofascist Invasion of the continent. Promulgated by Germany’s Angela Merkeliter (and celebrated at all the old krautish cultural festivals), White Pussy Laws in their simplified form allow for any non-white male to malign, molest, torment, torture & rape ANY white female he wants, anytime he wants, anywhere he wants. Only White Males can be charged & convicted of Rape, abduction, involuntary restraint, etc.

Merkeliter’s “model” White Pussy Laws have pretty much been fully adopted in the nordic countries and despite a teensy tad of “resistance” are becoming accepted in France, Italy & other more southerly euro areas.

Looks like only Hungary & Russia will be a non-free-for-all Rape Zone for the white pussy of Europe.

Of course, we’ve had our own “White Pussy Laws” here in USA since at least 1965. Confined to those with sub-saha

22 02 2017

ahem…. to those of sub-Saharan Privilege altohough recently “White Pussy Laws” were extended to Mexicans’ & Mideastern Rapefugees

Baylor is just a rare glimpse into practical application of these lovely & noble “White Pussy Laws” which shows the benefits of our White Pussy Laws to give us winning teams.

All Baylor alumni should double down on their support for this fine White Pussy Law abiding institution. All black affeletes nationwide should be encouraged to attend & play feetzball or bakkaball for Baylor & all white co-eds at Baylor had better understand that they better “put-out” & “pull trains” OR ELSE

22 02 2017

lastly, lol, in the spirit of the White Pussy Laws, any white pussy whining or complaining about rape & pulling trains should most definitely be subject to explusion at a minimum. If white people, particularly white women, don’t learn their place in the great chain of place, we’ll never be able to fully build out our social fascist Utopia – The Open Sewer Society

24 02 2017

These are not fancy laws. These are insane laws that basically try to flip the burden of proof in rape cases. See Chapter 9, The Campus Rape Frenzy for details. Unfortunately, their application is not limited to football scholarship recipients.

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