Walking Back Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

21 02 2017

New York

This whole Milo thing has been personally painful for me, because I’m watching an easily explainable comment ruin someone’s career.

Just as I had a front row seat to the same thing four and a half years ago.

But for it, or but for my hesitance to insist that we totally ignore it and that it’ll blow over by the end of the week, which was my gut instinct, there’s a good chance I’d be working in the White House right now.




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21 02 2017

Despite my earlier comparisons of Milo to Glenn Beck, it’s bad to see this. Left has been gunning hard for him since the book deal. Just one little example of how badly they wanted him, Adam Carolla was saying about a week ago after having Milo on (he’s been on a dozen times) he got a email from his buddy Bryan Cranston, who was bemoaning Adam for giving Milo a platform. Cranston literally sent Carolla a “no platform for Milo” email! So one of two things happen next, 1 Milo finds a new publisher and website or 2 In one year he’ll be writing for Slate bitching and moaning about conservatives/libertarians and how they brainwashed his coalburning soul!

21 02 2017

Vox intimated that he’d publish the book.

21 02 2017

And that’s another thing. As well as things are turning out for the OCGE, it has a dark personal side. Just as I was finally getting over the events of the latter part of 2012, OCGE rides down the escalator and up the polls and into the White House. Not only does it bring back all the regrets, it only intensifies them because “what might have been” turned out in the long run to be a lot more, because Trump wound up winning the whole shootin’ match.

21 02 2017


21 02 2017

Orange Crowned God-Emperor

21 02 2017

I have been on the fence about Milo for some time. Breitbart says love him and Sab says hate (((him))). He reminds me of Eddie Izzard. I lthink he’s entertaining when he’s normal, but can’t stand him when he’s super faggy. I think him going away for a while is probably a good thing. I really don’t like having to cheer for a dude who bends over for black d&!k.

It is funny to think of Bill Maher catching holy hell from his friends over this. Although Bill is the only leftist out there who doesn’t like muz.

22 02 2017
Alex the Goon

It’s one thing to cheer for a dude who bends; it’s another thing, when the dude ‘brags’ about bending over for it. Every. Single. Time.
He doesn’t make it easy. To which, Vox says “If loyalty were easy, everyone would be loyal.” Fine. But how fucking hard is it for the bender to STFU about bending for dindu dick? Why is our side expected to endure a shittest from a sodomite, lest we be deemed “disloyal”?
That part of the schtick reminds me of a fag coworker, who at first just seemed odd, quirky, weird or whatever, but was a nice enough guy. Then one weekend he asked a couple other coworkers to help him move, and they came back with the news: he’s a fag. What? He had boxes full of books, and one of them was “How to Make Love to a Man”. Well after that was out of the bag/closet, the guy went into full-on flamer mode – the mannerisms, the jokes, the works. It was a defense mechanism, in that you couldn’t “hurt” him by calling him a homo, because he’d already called himself one, ten times that day.
Anyhow, about Castalia publishing him, I think his deal from Simon & Schylock would’ve included $250,000 upfront. I doubt Castalia has that kind of scratch yet, but if the other publishers think he’s too Dangerous, then it may not matter.
How this gaffe differs from the other, is one guy was running for high political office, whereas this guy is mainly an entertainer – a stand-up philospher. It makes sense to attack the politician, but this one is just odd. Maybe they consider him a traitor “inside the gates”, because if anyone “belongs” on [or, to] the Left, it’s a gay jewish mudshark. Or maybe they’re just that desperate to score an attack, any attack, on “the Right”.

22 02 2017

To the other side (s), Milo is more of a traitor than Trump. Milo is also exposed by his dependence on Breitbart money and his reliance on the US courts and CBP to block his return to the UK where he could be subject to their “laws”. Hes also the only pro-Trump activist actually putting up public events right now that arn’t covered by the USSS. That’s why his events draw that reaction.

His loss is a problem, since the alt-right needs a public image distinct from the official head of the USG and all that goes with it. Who else is there?

22 02 2017

I’m wallowing in despair here, and all everyone can keep talking about is Milo.

22 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Don’t blame yourself. He’s a better attention whore than you.

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