The Sound of Exoplanet Music

22 02 2017

Pasadena, California

Seven terrestrials, including three in the Goldilocks Zone, around the star TRAPPIST-1.

The star itself is 39 ly away in Aquarius (“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…”), its mass is 0.08 x Sun, and its visual luminosity is 0.0004 x Sun.  Its apparent magnitude (18.8) is close to its absolute magnitude (18.4) because its 39 ly distance is close to the ten parsec (32.6 ly) standard for absolute magnitude.  Plain words, if you want to see TRAPPIST-1, you need a pretty big telescope, and then all you’ll see is a dot.




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26 02 2017

Well, I’m interested.

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