History Rhymes (Big Catfish Tales)

23 02 2017

Fairfield, Connecticut


She must be closely related to Jackie Coakley.

When pressed about inconsistencies in her original statement, Yovino admitted that she made up the rape allegations against the two football players in hopes of gaining sympathy from another man — a prospective boyfriend, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

Police said Yovino told them on Oct. 15 at a hospital where they responded for a sexual assault complaint that she attended a Sacred Heart football club party the night before at a house on Lakeside Drive in Bridgeport.

Investigators said Yovino claimed two men pulled her into a bathroom in the basement of the house and held her down, taking turns sexually assaulting her, the Connecticut Post reports.

She forgot to include something about shattered glass all over the floor, that would have made her tall tale all the more believable.




8 responses

23 02 2017
Alex the Goon

Ah yes, the classic deal-sealer for the prospective boyfriend — hearing about how she got gang-raped that one time.

23 02 2017

Yeah, I know. But women must think this tactic works, because they keep doing it. “Catfishing” is an actual word, and there’s even a TV show about it. I guess this one thought that if she could con the guy she really wanted into thinking that her ass was so hot that the BMOC, the football players, would tap it without her permission, that he wouldn’t be able to turn it down.

23 02 2017

Well, gee, since the implementation of “White Pussy Laws”, there wasn’t even a crime here even if it happened. If she is being forced/blackmailed by a school or university administration to “withdraw” previous charges, that’s not a crime either. Under the White Pussy Laws any school is allowed to force any White Pussy to renounce victim status by any means necessary.

To see how this all works, check out news reports out of Merkelitler’s Germany & also Sweden.

If the “perp’s” are Islamomuzzies or Sub-Saharan then they definitely are protected from any & all charges due to White Pussy Laws generous benefits & rights when it comes to tearing off a piece of White Pussy

23 02 2017

“Investigators said Yovino claimed two men pulled her into a bathroom in the basement of the house and held her down, taking turns sexually assaulting her, the Connecticut Post reports.”

Actually this is a classic Duke Lacrosse Player story.

23 02 2017

The analogy would hold there if Crystal Mangum made up the tall tale in order to catfish a guy. From all we know, she made it up because she was mad the Lax team told her to hit the road because they didn’t want a black stripper.

23 02 2017

Yes, but the whole “taken into a bathroom” and “passed around in an impossibly small space” was the essence of her lie.

23 02 2017
Alex the Goon

“Passed around” was most likely a black expression, rooted in the black tradition of passing around a hand-rolled smoking leaf – an act that requires little effort. Or possibly the other black tradition of passing around an orange bouncyball. It would be much more difficult for the lax players to “pass around” a heavy, resistive object from man to man, rather than just keep the bitch stationary, and move themselves into position.
If you were looking for reasons to suspect the validity of the complainant’s story, “passing her around in a confined space” is less dubitable than the simple fact that White guys generally don’t like black women, and wouldn’t fuck them with a nigger’s dick.

24 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

This is a game girls play. Especially with beta boyz. Its called White Knighting. Nothing like a good old fashioned sob story like gang raping to make a beta White Knight and get a hard-on at the same time. These girls know what they’re doing. A beta likes nothing better than having his ego stroked by pretend Batman White Knight tales of damsel in distress. They can get a good feel for how much suck is in that sucker with a good old fashioned sob story like this. Those betas are suckers for damsel in distress stories. They can gauge the density of a doormat pretty well with these dick hardy tales of damsel in distress stories.

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