The T in ATF

23 02 2017

Bristol, Virginia

Most people think of the F in ATF, not realizing that they have jurisdiction over T.  And, just like there are Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious”) clusterfucks that grow out of F, there is now a similar T-related scandal.

And what set it all off?

The basics of cigarette smuggling are simple. Each state sets its tobacco taxes. Buying cigarettes in low-tax states, like Virginia, and secretly selling them in higher-tax states, like New York, generates large profits. More complicated schemes have shipped cigarettes to Indian reservations, where they are not taxed, then rerouted them for sale on the black market.

A.T.F. agents try to disrupt these networks. Often that means working with informants to buy and sell tobacco on the black market, much the way agents pose as drug dealers to investigate cartels.

This is why the NYPD was so interested in Eric Garner, and the very questionable accost of him in July 2014 caused his death.

Obvious solution?  Tobacco taxation should be an exclusively Federal power.  Just as I think income taxation should be an exclusively Federal power.




5 responses

23 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Tobacco has become a cash cow for the left. The Ambulance Chasers fished for decades but finally found a jury dumb enough to believe that Americans didn’t know smoke inhalation was dangerous and were fooled by cigarette ads. Of course all their friends in the media who played those ads didn’t pay, cause they have the same genes as the ambulance chasers. Now they want to tax sodas, beer and guns as “sin” taxes.
What we have here is a failure to communicate. That syntax of “sin tax” overlooks something. Is it a gallows, guillotine or a full blown Inquisition? They just do not see the obvious.

23 02 2017
Alex the Goon

If he was a jew, then maybe. But Caintbreeve was something else, and was therefore probably too lazy to seek out untaxed (or lower-taxed) cigs to be resold on the sidewalk.
The NYPD was much more interested in him because he was a big, surly pile of shit who was bothering people to the point that they called the cops. A better solution than federal taxation, is a federal program to return useless those pieces of shit back across the Atlantic, where they can breeve freely and bother each other in the Whiteyless jungle.

24 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

These cigarette taxes shows why legalising drugs won’t do shit to get rid of crime. They’ll tax the Hell out of any legal drugs and it’ll keep all the dealers in business while putting more risk to your family by making it legal. Lagalization doesn’t mean shit. It helps the criminal class, minorities and tax happy gubmint, but you’ll lose both ways and have nothing but the blame to show for it. They say the only things you can count on is Death and Taxes, but its not who I am. The Death maybe, but taxes are for foreigners and minorities. A strong army runs on its stomach and morale. The bills should be paid by those who submit, not fight. Freedom isn’t free. I won’t pay for it, but there are more than enough idiots to the Left that have the inborn stupidity and cowardice to pony up for my horsemen.

26 02 2017

I actually met Eric Garner on several occasions – was not interested in loosies – did not fret his demise – and had a hand in training his demiser.

26 02 2017

I actually met Eric Garner on several occasions – was not interested in loosies – did not fret his demise – and had a hand in training his demiser.
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