Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

23 02 2017


2: Police pursuit after shots fired in Wentzville neighborhood

Because Wentzville has a mini-ghetto that’s a result of the GM plant, GM moving St. Louis manufacturing from north city to Wentzville all those years ago meant that many of its black workers transplanted then planted themselves there, my WRPT was triggered.

Just to be sure, I watched the video to confirm.




4 responses

24 02 2017

I’m just waiting for the other boot to drop on the ID of The Cemetery Stone Gang.

Can you use any back channels to get someone on that PD to blab?

If it was a group of adult KKK wouldn’t we already have arrests? It’s so transparent.

24 02 2017

My grapevine tells me that the official authorities have absolutely no lines at all on suspects, either their general demographics or individual identities.

24 02 2017

Amazing! Absolutely amazing.

24 02 2017

Bonus Wentzville coverage.


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