A Big Heaping Pile of Social Injustice

25 02 2017


DNC uses paper ballots to pick the non-Muslim candidate for party chairman.

At the intersectionality of voter disenfranchisement and Islamophobia.




8 responses

25 02 2017

OTOH, Tom Perez is a Dominican immigrant, so denying him would have been both anti-Latino and xenophobic.

This goddamned progressivetard stack is confusing.

25 02 2017


Though Perez is associated with the party establishment and Ellison with the Sanders style doctrinaire progressives, I really don’t see much difference between them.

25 02 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

I was hoping for Ellison. It would mean the mask is finally torn away.

25 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Mr. Elliment of blech was all for Palestinian Statehood. Those Muslims seem rather shaky on that Palestine Thing huh? Must have something to do with Jerusalem/Al Quds being the third holiest city in Islam because Mohammed built a Mosque there.
But not to worry, though. In order to keep the whole crazy quilt from unraveling Perez named Elliment as his vice chair, so there will be plenty of friction and angry jew donors in the foreseeable future.

25 02 2017

Either choice was going to generate butthurt so I wouldn’t know which one would be worse for the Democrats.

25 02 2017

I feel Ellison would have done a better job of disenfranchising the remaining white Democrats, but on the other hand Perez as labor secretary has hands on experience in favoring his own kind over whites and dispossessing whites from the labor market.

26 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Actually this bodes badly for Hillary and her crones from the 1960s. The D-Party has departed the White wimmens beez our allies portion of this political abortion and has now gone to the All Anti-White All the Time, we canna win shit no more party of poop. All the Big Billions and all the hip ads aren’t gonna get White Wimmens in the leadership and candidacy positions again. When those sad White wimmen come home to White Men, it’ll rain in Mudville every election day.

26 02 2017

Trump is White Wimmins Fault!

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