Blind Squirrel, Meet Acorn

25 02 2017


In her typical crude, “comedic” way, Leslie Jones has accidentally stumbled upon a very good and profound point, one that I figured about awhile back.

BLM has become mostly about the virtue signaling of leftist white women.





5 responses

25 02 2017
egregious philbin

she’s an example of how far one can go with a lot of energy & an IQ of 99.

26 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Ah man. Its a black thang. These black hos beez all angry and sheeit at the White girls with their ability to stay below a Metric Tonne in weight. Being a Hollywood movie ho, this bitch is probably angry at all those black boyz that wouldn’t touch her carpet with a vacuum cleaner attachment.
Envy and Hate. The only two actual emotions identified in the domestic pavement ape.

26 02 2017

BLM was a Hillary Clinton front probably funded by Soros. As soon as Sanders was knocked out of the race BLM pretty much just dried up and blew away, probably defunded by Soros.

26 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

BLM is there. Soros still has enough cash in his monopoly set to fund it. I think he’s trying to raid Trump the Game if he runs out. These fools are old. They will keep going til they croak. Like Hillary who couldn’t live four more years if you stuck her in amber and shot oxygen straight into her skull, they just don’t know when to quit.

28 02 2017
Somewhat Gullible Chicagoan (Vote Jackson!)

I don’t watch SNL, but I like her from the few moments I’ve seen. But she’s a black female, 49, and wants to get married? Good luck, sistah. There must be 15 unmarried black females unmarried aged 49 to every unmarried black male aged 49. And such males as there may be may not be in good shape, may be living under a viaduct, or they may be low- or middle-level managers in government scooping up all the sweet young stupid mudshark pussy they can handle. In would be an interesting and enlightening quantitative study. I talked myself into it, but Steve Sailer can do it way, way faster. Don’t look for the Government to do it.

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