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26 02 2017


* The ATF has concluded that the cause of the fire which burned down the Bogey Hills clubhouse wasn’t arson.  Now I think that’s why they were called in, because someone both local and in a position of authority suspected that there was an insurance scam afoot.  And when the insurance industry says jump, Federal law enforcement asks how high.  As it is, Bogey Hills has seen better days.

* This kind of thing should be left for the professionals in Rodney Dangerfield movies.

* Really now, the only way this will actually happen, even if all the institutional ducks can get in a row, is to make college so easy that it’s doubly ubiquitous and meaningless.

* The secret is that they’d be okay with a hotel, as long as it’s not one of these proposed “express” low cost hotels.  Because those almost always become flop houses, havens for sex traffickers, including child sex traffickers, dope deals, dope parties.

* When he was in his playing days, Mike Piazza was a Cardinal killer, and now in retirement, he remains a St. Louis basher.

* Yeahbut…16-year olds aren’t automatically considered adults for any criminal offense, even as it stands now.  Every 16-year old arrestee is initially taken to the juvenile holding facility, and his case starts out in juvenile court.

But let’s overlook that little mistake for a moment.  His rationale is that they can’t vote and can’t buy cigarettes, so it’s unreasonable to charge them as adults.  And he’s right — 16-year olds can’t vote and can’t buy cigarettes.  But his solution is to raise the age to 17 (and, as I just wrote above, it’s already there), and 17-year olds can’t vote or buy cigarettes either.  Another layer of irony is that more and more jurisdictions, including St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and a few states, like California, are raising the cigarette age to 21, and expect that train to start rolling out of the station really fast.  And let’s not even talk about alcohol.

The maddeningly contradictory comparison and contrast of legal adulthood, moral adulthood, biological adulthood, political adulthood and ethical adulthood, which Schroer is begging, is a Pandora’s Box he probably doesn’t want to open.


* The city’s Hispanic gangs are upgrading their small arms power.


* I’ll make this really easy.

It’s because he’s mainstreaming the concept of constructing public policy around making assessments of ethnically identifiable groups of people.

The Jews are worried that if we get used to naming the Mexican or naming the Muslim, that it won’t be long before we name the Jew.

* The question here contains its own answer, an answer that both Mark Steyn and I independently forecasted.  That a Trump Presidency would mean that we would have four political parties:  The Trump popnats, the doctrinaire normieconservatives, the Republican establishment, and the Democrats.


* Good job cribbing Murray and Herrnstein, Megan.

* The protest to save the environment left a big mess and a whole lot of fire and smoke.  Hmmm.

Of course, if you’re cynical like me, you’ll retort that the protest really wasn’t environmental, but it was Soros/Buffett astroturf relating to their personal business interests.

* Makes me think of the trend not so long ago of affirmative action bake sales on college campuses, those were usually a production of the school’s Republican or conservative clubs.

* Dirty little secret:  Chris Cuomo doesn’t actually believe this, and he would move a mountain to make sure this doesn’t happen.  It’s just that he’s so ideologically thrown in to left-egalitarianism-LGBTQBLTBBQLOL that he’s not going to let his paternal instincts get in the way of his ideological cult mentality.

Another hint is that he won’t actually ever have to worry about his daughters being in this situation, because school showers are almost totally passe now, except for some team sport athletes.  It’s because baby boomers did the school shower thing almost universally and that boomers are currently at the peak of their political and institutional power and control, that the worry about trannies and the wrong locker room even exists.  To the mentality that World War T will affect school locker rooms and showers, about half of my generation and just about every Millennial and Homelander are scratching their heads trying to figure out what the hell they’re talking about.

* More World War T, and in fact, Rod Dreher uses that phrase and links to its inventor.  Also, note that Dreher quotes Chatsworth Osborne Jr, who, like Megan McArdle earlier in this section, cribs Murray and Herrnstein.

* First off, why is the source for this the Jerusalem Post?

Second, I now think that the definition of “hate crime” is any crime that victimizes either a Jew or someone that Jews like or support, unless the perpetrator is also either a Jew or something that the Jews like or support.

Which is why this Andrew Cuomo (speaking of Cuomo) announced effort will go nowhere, when almost all of these hate crimes are either Whatchya-Doin-Rabbi hoaxes, or Muslim-perpetrated.

* Something I’ve kinda suspected for some time.  What it means is that the homely are generally doing well financially.  It’s just that homely women aren’t very prized in the dating market, so this is why they invent feminism, so they can insert themselves at crucial choke points of social and cultural power, to force rich and powerful men to redefine their norms of beauty toward homely women.  Trigglypuff wants someone like Donald Trump to think that Trigglypuff is gorgeous and that the former Melania Knauss is ugly.

* To wit, my previous point.

* Down memory lane:  In speculating on the similarities between Resist and the TPM, the writer, when pondering the question of whether the TPM was purely grassroots or purely astroturf, answers Yes.  It’s a theory I never thought of, but makes more sense the more I think about it.

* While reading this story, I recall the irony of many of the Black Autumn protests of two current years ago demanding more money for HBCUs and more affirmative action for mainstream schools.  They’re so interested in HBCUs, but they don’t want to go to one themselves.


* Yet, when I did it, it was voluntary and the result of a dare.

* Try as I might, I can’t draw a through line between transgender and professional basketball.

* Which is something I wish 14-year olds would understand.  That there was a past before and there will be a future after their incumbent fourteen years of life.

* Garth Brooks said it:  I could have missed the pain, but I’da hafta miss the dance.

* This is James Clerk Maxwell’s world, we’re only consuming resources from it.

Einstein called Maxwell “a genius.”  Which is saying a lot.  And for good reason — Proving that two separate forces were actually one and the same was insightful.  And it put us on the track to the unified particle theory.  Just as the science and math behind the unification of electricity and magnetism is still bearing fruit today, once we get a solid unified particle theory, a lot of things are going to fall into line, a lot of mysteries solved.

* The upshot?  When you let young people confront and experiment with danger in controlled circumstances and environments, they’ll respect it, learn to deal with it, internalize parameters, and most importantly, not be reckless with it it in uncontrolled circumstances. 

Maybe, just maybe, this self same newspaper can apply that reasoning to other things.

* I know why — It was those dangerous assault braces.

* She mentions Rachel Dolezal.  As in this Rachel Dolezal.  Turns out transracialism doesn’t actually make you any money.




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26 02 2017

“That a Trump Presidency would mean that we would have four political parties: The Trump popnats, the doctrinaire normieconservatives, the Republican establishment, and the Democrats.” – the democrats will have their own split, and I see the doctrinaire faction either folding into the Establishment or Trump.

26 02 2017
Alex the Goon

rachel dolezal is nearly homeless on food stamps – Be careful what you wish for.

26 02 2017

Enviserating the juvenile to adult criminal court system was one of the unsung successes of the Bush 43 administration. To this day it’s unclear who, outside the faith community, pushed that through, because I find it hard to believe that the former Governor of Texas did it.

While I realize that the unintended beneficiary of that was “system involved youths”, it did reduce the power of local prosecutors to carry out threats of the local K12 education system in getting rid of their troublemakers.

A procedural question, did the local “traffic courts”, which played a part in the rational post-Furgenson analysis, have powers over the juvenile or adult criminal cases? Could they pull people’s probation?

26 02 2017

“She mentions Rachel Dolezal” – Oy vey! A bizarre story written by a self-loathing Jewish homosexual. I gotta puke after reading that crap.

26 02 2017
Joshua Sinistar

It looks like the Synagogue is deciding to go for broke. Trump is buying time, but the paranoid parasite is blowing up. They have had it too soft for too long. This isn’t gonna be blowback, and the cops and national guard isn’t gonna back up the Merchants of Menace this time. That long nightmare of Hitler (((they))) had has taught them nothing. Weimarica is about to reach a Reichstag moment from what I can see. They just keep ramping up and those niggas are talking Race War. Politics is over soon. This is going to go hot if I’m not jumping the gun. There are too many ape moments and too much jew your face now. Its getting hot in here. The powder is already sweating.

28 02 2017

“Trigglypuff” is not even as attractive as a homely woman.

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