Cutting Off Your New Nose to Spite Your Old Face

27 02 2017


Mockups and drawings of the new major additions to SLU Hospital, to go on the mostly cleared out space in the rectangle of Grand, Chouteau, Spring and Rutger.   P-D, and NextSTL.

Here’s my WTF moment.

They’re going to demolish the 1988 annex to Desloge, the Bordley Tower, but not Desloge itself.  I can definitely understand why any talk about demolishing Desloge was shut down, because of its historical nature and unique and iconic appearance.  But what’s the matter with Bordley?  By the time all these new buildings open, Bordley will only be 32 years old, and as I can attest, because most of my health care happens at SLU, it’s a very nice and functional edifice.  I also don’t think that Bordley has to be demolished to make either the construction of the operation of the new buildings feasible.  It could just as easily continue to stand.  If anything, since Desloge is a 15-story masonry structure in a high risk seismic zone, and Bordley was designed and built with quakes in mind, Bordley could be renovated, and all the crucial operations in Desloge could be moved over to Bordley.  Because the about-to-be built structures will be used for, among other things, admitted patients, which is what Bordley hosts now.

If this winds up happening as-is, it’s just going to seem so weird seeing Bordley, which I saw being built, (my mother went to SLU for as long as I can remember, and as a boy, I went to next-door Glennon), all of a sudden being wrecked.

And in spite of all this, SLU’s ER, which will also be moved into the new edifices, will still be the preferred destination for Federally incarcerated pimps and local dindus.


As it so happened, my mother was supposed to have a medical test at SLU today.  Her assisted living transportation took her there, and when she got there, she found out that someone mixed up the scheduling, so she wasn’t actually on the docket for the test in question today.  She would have needed to wait awhile for the return trip, so instead, she called me, and as luck had it, I was very close when she did.  So, I made a little side diversion.

First off, Bordley is also a masonry structure.  Second, before fetching mom, I went to someone in administration and asked her about Bordley being demolished, and she, as someone who said she knows about the plans, heard nothing about it.  She shifted me around to three other very similar people, none of them had the foggiest either.  So this gonna-demolish-Bordley thing turns out to have been a rumor.





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