Refusing Presents

27 02 2017


I feel for him.

Let me back up for a moment.

I felt for him, until I read who “he” is.

Irony Alert.

It’s the same Jeffrey Tucker who just had to bash and trash and virtue signal against Richard Spencer last week.

Spencer is perhaps accidentally trying to solve the problem Tucker complains about.

Because, ask yourself why airports are dictatorships.  Hint:  The answer has something to do with maybe, just maybe, that our diversity is not our strength.

Otherwise, Santa Claus should skip the houses with people that don’t believe in Santa Claus.




4 responses

27 02 2017

They’re looking for people who sell their passports for others to use to enter the country. My guess is they had to do everyone out of PC but in reality it’s only immigrants with dual citizenship who do this. I’d expect the Chinese to be the main culprits of this stunt because so many look so similar they can pull it off.

27 02 2017
Alex the Goon

WTF is so shocking about the eye scan? He was obviously scanned when he got his passport; did the dumbass think he would never be scanned again, to be matched against the original?
You feel like a prisoner in your own country, Tucker, because it’s not your country anymore. You gave it to the tird-worlders, and called us nazis for wanting to keep it for ourselves. Die.

27 02 2017

I anticipate the retinal scan to become more and more ubiquitous over time. I predict that by my 60th birthday, you’ll need to do one to purchase a legally age limited good or service.

3 03 2017

Airports are also dictatorships because the globos have as part of their agenda a radical restriction of movement for the masses. Which means everybody on earth but a few thousand of themselves.

People farming. You don’t let the cattle wander.

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