That Tie, Though

28 02 2017

Washington, D.C.

Boilerplate Trump, usual OCGE.

That tie, though.  I want one.  It’s the most powerful blue tie I’ve ever seen.  I never knew any blue tie could scream power.

His shout-out to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin during the ObamaDontCare missive, was a preemptive strike against Bevin’s predecessor in that office, Steve Beshear, who gave the Democrat response.





9 responses

1 03 2017

Trumps hand jestures remind me of Bill Clinton’s thumb jabs. They added the perfect bit of emphasis to whatever point he was making. Trump has the ‘finger gun’ and the ‘ok’ sign.

Of course nothing beats Brown & Brown’s ‘if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!’

1 03 2017

Talk about a new world in the morning — Everyone is gushing about this speech, about how this was his best ever, or about how he psychologically nailed down (or started) the Presidency last night.

I must be living in a different world, a world where I was able to watch him speak and see and hear and what he said often for the last 21 months. The world all these other people live in must not have these frequencies available in their ether. Because last night was nothing more than boilerplate, and I might now also add there was too much egalitarianism for my tastes.

3 03 2017

Agree overall…but one has to communicate in waves to various audiences. I’m seeing surprising numbers of people listening to that speech who discounted him on the trail.

For starters they were shocked that the Dems sat there sulking while others applauded mom and apple pie.

They’re building for ’18, then ’20, then ’22.

1 03 2017

This was a planned “good cop” speech form a telepromptor like the one he gave at 3am on the election night while the Hildebeast was throwing her tearful breakdown. Let’s just watch what he does, no amnesty for millions of illegals, because that will actually mean 40 millions democratic wetback voters instantly overnight. Even the big wigs in the GOP have to know this would be the death of their party and they just can’t go there, I hope they do. Bannon and Miller have to know. Maybe the compromise is on the 750K DACA visa kids. To me “came here before 16” is too old, even though almost all of them are going to grow up to be political enemies of middle America, if you’re going to throw the left this bone, the age requirement for when they came here should be a lot younger so at least when they talk to you they speak in a normal American Accent. Someone whose 15 may well barely be able to speak the language.

1 03 2017

They opened up a can of worms by even hinting at a compromise on legalizing these 40 million hordes. The media is talking endlessly about it meaning they see this as most important (thus very bad for us.) That nasty woman with the chicken legs like “Big Bird” from Sesame Street on CBS morning news is pressing on and on about this. They know if they get this they won, they’ll have to sit back and grumble for 4 or 8 years of Trump, but know the demographic coup will be complete and the cowbirds will soon outnumber the songbirds.

1 03 2017
Alex the Goon

There are hordes of 2nd, 3rd-generation fully-magic-dirted NBC’s who can’t speak an American accent. They should go, too.
Some optimists think the DACA Compromise will buy us a 1924 Immigration Act. But like you say, if his “great big heart” keeps him from kicking out the 40 million, we’re going to get Hart-Cellar on steroids in 2025. And war.

1 03 2017

I found it strange that the anti-white party had an old white southern guy give the response in a diner surrounded by all old white rural people in Kentucky. Very strange optics and messaging to me, but what do I know.

1 03 2017

That’s why they picked him, because he’s one of the rare few recent elected (former in his case) Democrat statewide officials who won over people that vote Republican in Presidential voting.

1 03 2017

OD, V-Dare, and most big Alt-Right nodes are rather down on the speech.

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