Where the Wheel Lands Today

1 03 2017

Walnut Park

Messenger, in the P-D:

But it was a noncandidate, former city Police Chief Dan Isom, now a criminal justice professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, who asked the question that got to the core of why students and faculty would take two hours out of a school day to talk about gun violence.

“How much do you care about every person who has lost their life in the city of St. Louis?” Isom asked. “And not just the good kids.”

The kid who is dealing drugs on the corner has value just as much as the basketball player who gets caught in the crossfire, Isom said. Indeed, their deaths are often reported in these pages completely differently — one gets a brief, the other nearly a full page of photos and love and quotes from neighbors and family about a tragic loss.

Funny that.  One of Isom’s predecessors as Chief, Joe Mokwa, told us the complete opposite, that we (and by “we,” the dog whistle was white people) shouldn’t care precisely because most city “gun violence” involves both perpetrators and victims that are on the wrong side of the tracks and whose life histories are indistinguishable from each other (dog whistle:  It’s just black thugs murdering black thugs, so quit worrying about it, cracker.)

The narrative changes up every other day.




6 responses

1 03 2017

How in the world can this man tell a father of a good child who was killed in crossfire that his death is no more tragic than a gangbanger’s, who was involved in criminality?

1 03 2017
Alex the Goon

Basketball is just a dogwhistle codeword for gang activity, which has 5-member gangs battling each other over… well, nothing important. More shots ring out on any basketball court, than on the most violent of skreets.

Speaking of — I see the NRA’s ad campaign (Arm the Proud Black Woman, for She is the biggest victim to inner-shitty thugs) is paying off. In spades.

2 03 2017

5 03 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Your race card is overdrawn, please find another sob story or STFU.

6 03 2017

Well, I am glad that that issue is settled as to whose life was more important–the drug-dealing street thug or the innocent evil YT caught in the cross-fire. Next they will be answering whether the chicken or the egg came first. Another knotty issue.

6 03 2017

Also, “we” evil YT’s need to stop making these value judgments, because value judgments be rayciss.

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