But They Keep Telling Us There Is No Voter Fraud

2 03 2017


So, why this?

Also, cough cough, Bruce Franks, cough cough.

The irony is that Gardner’s sugar daddy, George Soros, several years ago, funded an effort to buy off state Secretary of State elections in order to facilitate voter fraud.

I also don’t think that anyone is going to be in the mood even to try to cheat on Tuesday.  After all, the outcome of the big thing on the ballot is a foregone conclusion.




2 responses

2 03 2017

She got two sail foams AND a line foam. Damn!

3 03 2017

Secretary of State project.


They didn’t spend much money but, e.g., their installment of Mark Ritchie in MN got Al Franken elected.


My view is that that was more of a proof of concept project than anything. They certainly operate at more devious/less sunshiny levels now….

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