Civilization Desert

2 03 2017

North City

The candidates for mayor gush over north city.

But this is where you could stop reading:

A paper co-written by University of Missouri-St. Louis Professor Todd Swanstrom found that “not a single majority black neighborhood in 1970 that was surrounded by other black neighborhoods rebounded in the subsequent decades.”

It’s all noise because Trump put a halt to AFFH.  So, unless black women of reproductive ages voluntarily leave, it’s same-as-it-ever-was.




5 responses

2 03 2017

Have they put a halt to it yet, I googled it and found nothing.

2 03 2017

And some groups will later complain of gentrification if and when North City improves.

They already beginned to complain about gentrification in…Detroit.
I guess Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton was out to lunch when they was pushed by Latino/Hispanics/Mestizos/Mexicans in Watts and Compton.

2 03 2017

Notice in the article, someone said they want revitalization to happen without gentrification.

6 03 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Revitalization: soak the taxpayers for new parks, playgrounds, and store-front operations doling out “grants” for “projects” administered by “community leaders” who usually have a first name of “Rebrunn”.

Gentrification: 20-somethings, homosexuals, and entrepreneurs of all ages find an area that is run-down, but note that the buildings and infrastructure have “good bones”. They buy up the buildings cheap, or for the back taxes. They set to work, often lending each other a helping hand, and transform the neighborhood into a thriving community with shops, restaurants, and small businesses. Once it is up and established and thriving, the Rebrunns come a-callin’. They want something “fo’ dey people”.

6 03 2017

Jesus, reading this article is like the movie Groundhog Day. The same white liberals and some talented-tenth negroes spouting the same platitudes: education/school choice, more programs, youth programs, food/retail deserts, revitalization, we can not arrest our way out of this, some white person or AA negro is the head of some redevelopment/city agency entity trying to solve the problems, ad nauseum. I could find archived news articles from the 60’s-70’s spouting the same nonsense. For generations, I have been reading the same guff. It is humorous to read about these candidates and all white politicos in America dance around the the one single answer. No one can just state that the problem is not crime, blight, or food deserts. The problem is negros and other low I.Q., feral-minded minorities who just can not manage to live or assimilate to the white man’s America. The tragicomedy is that none of this is new. My grandparents, who were born during WWI, saw these same things, and I would hear them speak of it. The problem actually existed long before my grandparents time, it is just that before them, the negro was segregated from white America. Before that, he was enslaved to the same effect. Thus, the answer to the problem is the negro, but no one will ever dare to say it. Fifty years from now, provided America is still here, I would read the same article decrying the same issues and dancing around the same real problem afraid to name the negro.

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